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Happy Friday!

baby, it's COLD outside! 28*, to be exact. :brrrrrr: I don't have a fire going right now, because last night our smoke detectors decided to go haywire. :sigh: We think it's because of all the dust in here - there is NO REASON for them to be going off. It's no fun at 2:30 AM to be frantically running around outside, to see if there are flames/smoke coming from your house! (Nope - SG even went up into the attic to verify.) We'll be trying to blow them out today; if that doesn't work we'll be replacing them.

Himself is doing well - he managed to eat an actual sandwich last night! We're going to try a burger for lunch - he's anxious to get back to real food! :lol:

I bought him a new game yesterday - Subnautica. It's a very, very pretty game - basically an underwater survival game. It's so pretty, *I* am thinking about playing it! (That's big. I don't play many video games these days; I'd rather knit.) He's trying to get me to buy Abzu - he says it's basically Journey (which I enjoyed!) but underwater. (Hmmm....I'm seeing a theme, here. :lol:) We'll see.

I finished my cowl Wednesday evening - 4 days from cast on to bind off. Not too bad! I need to do more "fast" knitting - larger than fingering yarn on size 5+ needles (my socks are knit on 1's or 1.5's. BIG difference!) I also need a few more cowls and hats (and fingerless mitts).

We pick Herself up tomorrow. It's been a long week without her! *She* actually *called* ME Wednesday!!! (This is BIG. B-I-G big!) Granted, it wasn't much of a conversation, but still - a phone call! :will wonders never cease?:

I guess I should get back to the current sock project. Shabbat Shalom, and stay warm, y'all!

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