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Things are starting to pop!

Yesterday was a busy day! We went to the floor store and put the deposit down on the floors! :huzzah!: We're looking at the 2nd week of January, more or less...which is good. The wood stove can't be moved until 1/6, and it has to be out before the floor can go in the family room.

And, the Ikea kitchen planner came out. I want to talk about this, because I couldn't find ANY details on this while I was googling like mad. So.....buckle up! :lol:

Once you've decided that you want to go with Ikea, I HIGHLY recommend you plunk down the $249 for the planning service (vs. the $149 for the measuring service, or $0 to do it yourself. me on this!) However, BEFORE you go in ( go in, even if it's a bit of a trip. Again, trust me - and find something else to buy so it's not a "wasted" trip.), go thru and kind of decide the "look" you want. Why? Because they require a basic idea before scheduling your appointment.

I had already decided I wanted the 'Hittorp' doors, drawers on the bottom and glass - if possible! - on top. I also knew I wanted the Butcherblock countertop - the solid wood one, not the veneered one (because SG is going to router a nice edge on it. :grin:) So. We went in the moment they opened the doors and headed straight for the kitchen department (do this. Again - trust me. Ikea is usually crowded, and it seems that most people want to browse the kitchen department.) The salesman had me fill out a pre-planning guide (see why I told you to KNOW what you think you want? :lol:); I had to indicate that I had appliances already and wasn't going to replace them (and guess at the sizes of said appliances), and that I was using one of their countertops (some people go elsewhere). Then he rang me up, and told me that when I actually ordered the cabinets I'd get the $249 back as a gift card (I knew this, but wanted to put it out there anyway. Basically, the service is free if you do go thru with the order.) Also, IF I bought the cabinets and they went on sale within 90 days, because I was an Ikea Family member (If you're going to buy a lot from Ikea, JOIN. It's free) I'd get the difference back as a gift card. If you're not a Family member, you're kind of out of luck on that one.

Anyway. The appointments are for a 4-hour visit. That sounds like more than enough was barely enough. Granted, our kitchen is.....interesting. We only have 2 walls for cabinets; the sink is angled away from the dishwasher wall at a 60-ish* angle, with another 60-ish* angled cabinet ending that run. Plus there's a narrow bar along that run of cabinets. The other side has the range, with a microwave/hood and refrigerator. We have more bottom/base cabinets than we do wall cabinets. It's not a huge kitchen, but that angled bit made things......interesting.

The planner got here at 2. I have to say, I am VERY impressed with him - I told him up front to be blunt with me and tell me when I was getting stupid. He was polite, but did just that. :lol: The first 30 minutes or so was spent taking very precise measurements, then he went into Ikea's planning program to set the room up. (I have played around with the online me on this: USE THE SERVICE. The program is OK, if glitchy, but it doesn't tell you that you need "filler" pieces - and you NEED them, because these are frameless cabinets. Without the filler pieces, the doors won't open correctly and the drawers won't slide in and out easily.)

Then the fun began. Because of the worksheet I had filled out at the store, he already knew what I wanted. It was relatively easy to start dropping the cabinets in - until we got to the sink. I wanted the 'Domsjo' (I think that's the faux-Swedish name of it) - the porcelain apron-fronted double-bowl farm sink. Desperately. I LOVE that look, and Ikea has the cheapest one I've ever seen ($300 vs. $650+!!!) We spent a good HOUR trying to make it fit - I even said I'd go with the single-bowl version.......what we ended up deciding was that SG would tear out part of the half-wall, add 3" to the long run, then add 1" to the end piece, maintaining the weird angle. The double-bowl sink was 1" too large, and the single-bowl sink was 6" too small, otherwise. And.......I really don't like the looks of the other sinks. (I did offer to go with another sink, even though I don't like them as much. The renderings.....weren't beautiful, but I could have lived with it. SG said no, he'd do the work so I'd be happier. :snuggles:)

The other side of the kitchen and the wall cabinets went very quickly. The micro-hood is being replaced with a "real" hood (SG fell in love with it, and I have no problem with it. Besides, he's doing a lot more work to give me my sink, so....:wink:), and we're doing away with the stupid, teeny cabinets over the 'fridge. This side of the kitchen will have solid doors on top, instead of glass - the glass doors don't fit this size of cabinets (of course not! :lol:)

The sink-side of the kitchen will have 6-pane glass doors on top; 2 narrow cabinets on each end with a 30" wide double-door cabinet in the middle. We're gaining approximately 6" of cabinet length here, and losing the sorta stupid-looking blank space at the end of that run. The dishwasher will need to be scooted over a little bit, so that we have 2 identical cabinets with drawers on either side of it (right now, we have 1 wide cabinet next to the wall, and 1 narrow cabinet near the's unbalanced and has bothered SG. Me? Not so much, but it's a minor thing.) ALL the lowers are drawers; all of them (I think) have a hidden small drawer on the top (think silverware drawer.) From the front, you'll see 2 or 3 drawers, but inside there's a +1.

The renderings last night looked really, really nice. Upscale farmhouse. :lol: The estimated quote: $4700. For an ENTIRE kitchen. (Just for comparison sake, the insurance estimated $3,800 for the bottom cabinets and countertop ONLY; the contractor we talked too quoted us $5,500 for the bottom cabinets and countertop. We'd still need to replace the top cabinets to match........yeah, I think Ikea wins this round!)(And the rendering included everything, even the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. It might go up a little bit, if he needs to add more filler pieces, but it won't go up THAT much. Even if it went up to the $5,500, it's for a FULL kitchen, not just the bottoms.)

It does not include installation. The planner said to estimate $65/cabinet...which sounds awfully low to me (Ikea had said $200/cabinet, which sounds WAY too high.) IF the $65 is correct.........installation would run about $1,000 (OK, less, but I'm trying to round up and include any taxes.) IF this is correct we are going to have them do the install - the planner said it would take maybe 1 day to do. (Versus the 10+ days I've seen DIY'ers take. Um....I'll take 1 day for $1,000, Alex!) If it's more, we'll have to discuss it and decide then.

The planner was very professional. He didn't mind some of my "what if?" questions, and he was nice when he told me I couldn't do what I wanted to do (get rid of the countertop on either side of the stove. You need clearance on both sides for safety - I hadn't thought of that.) He also didn't mind Bree and Chloe investigating him. :lol: All in all, it was well worth the $249. I feel comfortable that we'll be ordering exactly what we need, and that everything will fit like it's supposed to (well, once we re-do the bar area. But that won't take a lot, according to both the planner and SG, so....:lol:)

AND I get to have "my" sink! :rofl:

We should get the files today or tomorrow, then we can plan a trip back out to Ikea to order them. I have been told - numerous times! - to order IN PERSON, not on line, and to pay for delivery. I think it's a $200 delivery fee to our, but then it's on Ikea to send the correct stuff. And we don't have a large enough truck for an entire kitchen's worth of cabinets; we'd have to either rent a larger one, or make multiple trips.......I'd rather pay the delivery fee. :lol:

Now we wait.......we can't do the cabinets until the floors are installed (because Ikea cabinets don't sit on the floor, they have feet. Sounds weird, but the upshot is that IF there is another leak, only the feet will get wet, and we won't have to do this again (barring a Major flood, of course - but let's not borrow trouble.) We are going to start demolishing the current cabinets and re-doing the bar, and we're going to replace the kids' tub and toilet (because why not? Might as well do it now, while we're tearing out the vanity.) THEN - then we get to do the Master suite.......we're going to end up with a new house, practically. :happy dance:

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