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My kitchen is...well. I DO have the upper cabinets - today, at least. We're supposed to go pick up boxes tomorrow so I can empty the uppers, then they're OUT. Fun times....

The kids' bathroom is.....well. Yesterday AM, it was GUTTED. (I have photos. It isn't pretty...). Monday the plumber came out and pulled the toilet and tub, and started prep work to move the sink pipes. Yesterday he came back, installed the new tub, and got the pipes moved and the sink dry-fitted. I'm actually glad we gutted the bathroom; seems that (very long story short!) the builders were on something when they bricked that wall of the house; they seem to have started at both ends and worked to the middle. Only, they half-arsed the mortar in the seam; it was GONE. We noticed a sliver of light when the tub surround was removed (because, you see, the builders did NOT put anything behind the surround; no hardi board, no green drywall, nothing but insulation. :sigh:) and went to investigate - otherwise, we probably wouldn't have noticed anything amiss (question time: Do you go around scrutinizing the walls of your house? Because I don't.)

Home Depot has a.....caulk-type product that replaces mortar/repairs cement. The seam is now fixed, and looks.....normal? No light, anyway. :shakes head:

The plumber is not familiar with Ikea....and the pipes perplexed him. He said HE would have set the plumbing up differently, but...whatever. :lol: I had to get Himself involved; if you've ever seen Ikea instructions, you know you need to be a Lego Master Builder to interpret them. Our not. :lol: This is good experience for Himself; he helped remove the toilet, helped dry-fit the sink, and helped with some of the pipe-stuff. Tomorrow, he'll help/observe me tile the bathroom (hopefully! SG has to install the hardi board and new drywall, then I have to get the walls painted. I do NOT want to paint after the tiling is done; I don't want to get blue paint on the lovely off-white tiles.)

So. The floors *should* be in, but I haven't heard from the Floor guy. They might not be in until next week, which is still OK - the wood stove will be moved 1/6. The cabinets will be ordered 1/15......I am slowly going bonkers, but at least I am SEEING progress now. It's a HUGE mess, but progress is being made. And money is being spent....:lol:

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