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Happy New Year!


Previous Entry Happy New Year! Jan. 1st, 2017 @ 03:14 pm Next Entry
If the year goes the way the first day goes....I am in for a very busy and productive year. So far, I have:

1. Done a full load of laundry
2. Fed all the critters
3. Finished knitting another hat
4. Run to Wally World
5. Put 4 coats of paint on the kids' bathroom walls (need to sponge a contrast color over them, but SG needs to finish texturing the new drywall first. He told me to paint, so....I did!)
6. Napped
7. Ordered a batch of Worsted Weight yarn from Smiley's Yarns


#7 was needed. Yes, I have yarn - SOCK yarn. I don't have a large selection of heavier-weight yarn - yarn one would use for hats/gloves/scarves/sweaters. So....I think I have that covered, now. I like having yarn in house so I can start on a project *now*, when the mood strikes. No, I won't have sweater-amounts, but...that's OK. I like small, fast projects. Smiley's has decent yarn for $1.99/ball.....2 balls are more than enough to knit a hat. I need to get a containment unit for this, but....that's OK. I have plans to knit a lot of it up quickly.

I also have plans for this year....not resolutions, but plans. I want to:

1. Keep my house tidy. We'll be purging like mad as we bring everything back in, which should make this easier to do.

2. Make more things. I NEED to be creative, and this year? I let that slide. I was trying to get in shape, so I tried to get 10K steps/day. Problem - I didn't allow myself time to MAKE things until after that goal was reached. I hit my step count every day until MIL died......and didn't meet my goal of 12 pairs of socks. :frustrated: I also didn't lose any weight - my waist got a couple of inches smaller, but.....honestly? I don't feel it was worth it. This year? I'll still try to MOVE, but knitting/spinning/weaving/sewing will take priority. I NEED to create - it's one of the reasons I'm having a hard time finding my happiness. I also need to make more cheese and soap this year - I enjoy that, too!

3. Ummm....honestly? I think #2 is the biggest thing I want to do this year.

So. I'm not going to do anything radical, or make any major changes. I just need to make time to MAKE things.......what sort of things are you trying to accomplish this year?

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