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Status report:

1. Kitchen - 90%! Part of the bar (the shorter part, natch!) is done and installed. We won't discuss the particulars, because I am a little upset with how things went,'s DONE.

2. Wardrobes - Love them! They look like a matched set; not sure if they are, but they look it. They also look authentic - not that it matters. We want them to USE them, so......I saved down the photos from the ad; I'll post them soon. They *look* Art Deco - '30's-ish; now I need to find a dresser that will go with them. :lol:

Sad fact - most people don't want these lovely, large pieces any more. We've become a disposable, flat-pack society......yes, I'm part of the problem, but I do try to use "real" pieces when I can find ones that'll work in my space. The trick is finding what I want, in a style that appeals to me, at a price I can afford and am willing to pay. :sigh:

3. Family night! - we try to do something as a family each Friday evening. We missed Friday this week, so we did it last night; we played the tutorial match of Imperial Assault. It was us (SG, Herself and I) against Himself (by design; this game is basically D&D Star Wars style; the Imperial player is the DM). Herself was all negative-Nelly - until she suddenly realized that SG and I were out to win. Which we did. :lol: Himself was over-the-moon about that - usually HE wins, because he has studied the rules, read all the fan pages, and can plan an entire campaign in his head....and the rest of us?

Last week Himself and I played a round of X-Wing which I almost won. It was a 3 hour game....and the last 1.5 hours was his last TIE and my last A-Wing (with Psycho Tycho in the pilot seat - that is *MY* set up from now on!) in an epic dog fight. He only won because I finally got a bad dice roll. (The force had been with me up to that point. :rofl:)

I'm waiting on the wax to settle on my countertops so I can put the kitchen back together this AM (I'm down to waxing 1x/week. :huzzah!:) Hopefully the bar will get finished today......I need to start oiling it so I can get it on the same schedule as the countertops.

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