Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

:sigh: Can I have my house back now, Please?'s still all at 6's and 7's. This weekend, I had to bust butt to try and get the Master Bedroom cleared out. 6 trash bags later....and 5 boxes of's pretty well empty, but still....

Why, you ask? Because Friday, after getting Mom settled, we headed out and purchased new mattresses for us. Herself got a full set (Full sized), Himself got a mattress (Full sized - he has a platform bed), and we got a full set (KING sized.) (To go with our new bed. We have too many dogs with bed privileges.) Anyway - they are due to be delivered we have to get things to the point that the old bed (Queen sized) can be pulled out tomorrow AM, the new bed set up, and ready for the mattresses to be dropped in. :Sigh:

SUPPOSEDLY, SG will be pulling up the bedroom floor....but I doubt it. He's...well, unmotivated. NOTHING is getting finished. :big sigh: I can't finish setting up the kitchen until the bar is done, and Ikea is out of stock on the butcher block tops right now (don't ask. Just...DO NOT ASK.) I can't unpack the cookbooks until the book case has been stripped and repainted, which he "can't" do until he gets his new sander in.....and I can't put the new Billy cases next to the bar until he actually finishes the side - he did start that last night, but only got 5 boards cut and sanded. :grrrrr: Frustrated doesn't begin to describe it. :sigh:

Hopefully soon I can get back to unpacking the rest of the house. Maybe. Please. I'm going nuts with all the boxes - it's very claustrophobic in here. Ah, well - this, too, shall pass. Eventually.

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Tags: blather

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