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half price books is an *evil* place...

it sucks the money right out of your billfold. books leap at you from the shelves, in a last ditch effort to achieve freedom.

and - they have no shopping carts. evil, i tell you!

we hit the store close to our office.....i walked staggered out of there with........32 books.

in my defense, 18 of them are for the kidlets. himself now has 4 books on the space program or rockets, and 1 book of mazes, herself has 3 science experiment books, 1 astronomy book, and 4 ya novels. the rest are mine.....a mix of s/f, romance, and inspirational. i'll have 'em read in a week, i bet. (i read 2 of them this afternoon....yes, work's *slow*. i was working on getting all of himself's photos in a scrapbook earlier this week.....i'm up to 2002. then i have to tackle hers!)

i'm tired - think i'll go to bed early tonight!
Tags: blather, kids

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