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Photos or it didn't happen....

I've promised photos for.....well, quite some time now. So, it's high time I actually DELIVERED, right? Right. :lol: There's a lot, so I'll put them behind a cut.

So. Let's start with the bar wall in the house:


These are cedar fence pickets that were run thru the planer, then ripped down the center and cut to length. I treated them with Howard's Feed and Wax, to protect and beautify. Yes, it's a bit more "country". I like it - the wall is protected from the dogs, the wood adds warmth and interest, smells really, really nice. :lol:

THIS is what we are currently dealing with, in Herself's Studio:


They are supposed to come back out and re-concrete it, but I have no ETA on that. Hope it's soon - Herself is a basket-case right now!

Onward, to my Studio! I figured it's high time I showed it off, even though it's STILL not completely finished, and it's still a bit of a mess. Ah, well - LIFE is messy. I didn't try to tidy it up any for the photos - I figured, this is how it is, so might as well show it. Plus.....there's a bunch of chicks in there right now. Tidy can't happen until the brooder box is out..which won't happen until Herself's Studio has been repaired. :sigh: Fun stuff, no? :lol:

Anyway: Welcome to the Wool Shed:


Love my porch, and LOVE the door! It adds an Arts and Crafts vibe to the place, which fits. :lol:

This is the view from just inside the door, facing straight ahead:


The spinning wheels normally live where the brooder box is. The fabric on the floor needs to be sorted and put up - the green on top is some cotton lawn I got from England (off of Ebay. It's lovely! Will be a dress soon, I think.) The thing above the A/C is a Rigid Heddle Loom; the blue pie safe holds most of the spinning fiber. The cabinet in front of the pie safe holds most of the coned weaving yarn, and is where the bobbin winder lives. The bookcase right there is where all the Spinning and Weaving books live, and the fiber magazines.

This is directly to my left, as I stand in the doorway:


The sofa is a hide-a-bed, and will be recovered soonish. (I already have the canvas for that.) The ironing board has a home on the other side of the studio when it's not in use. The plaid bag you can barely see on the other side of the brooder box is my Scottish Castle wheel. And you can just see the back beam of the loom. The "weird" dark brown wood thing next to the couch is my squirrel cage swift - it's used to wind yarn from skeins into balls; the ball winder is on the small blue table-thing behind it.

Here, have a closer look at my tenants:


Cute, but NOISY. They'll be moved back into the house as soon as the hole is fixed.

A look at the back corner of the Studio:


You can see "Big Ugly" there - it holds all the overflow, non-sock yarn and the overflow fleece. The smaller unit is the Sock Yarn (and overflow coned weaving yarn.) On top of that is my knitting needle collection, a small balance scale, and a few misc. tools. The CD player is on top of Big Ugly - I need music! :lol:

And this is the other side of the Studio - to the right as you stand in the doorway.


The sewing table there in the back is Herself's; the small table is for Himself should he decide he needs to sew. Next to that (and cut off in this photo is the serger desk; next to that is the front corner where the fuse box and my dress form is.

You can see the front part of my massive cutting table - I LOVE it. 6' x 4', with drawers on 2 ends, and a long cabinet unit on the other long side, and a laminated top. Most of the fabric fits in the space there in between the drawer unit and the cabinet unit - you could just see the other "access" point in photo #1. The edges of the top were routered; we have some tool dip spray we are going to use on the exposed edges to protect them and the fabric. The bookcase you can see here is where all the sewing books live; they're catalogued, but not by author. It's....well, I put them by subject: all the basic sewing books are together, all the dressmaking/tailoring specific books are together, all the pattern drafting books...etc. It makes sense - to me - and it's pretty easy to find what I'm looking for. That's Herself's dress form in that corner, near her machine; the ironing board lives in that corner when it's not being used.

Here's the rest of that wall.


You can see my sewing desk; next to it (right by the door) is my clock reel (used to wind newly spun yarn off of the bobbin into a skein for further handling. Or to wind skeins off of cones.)

I don't know if you noticed, but each sewing station has it's own pattern - mine is floral, the serger is vaguely Middle Eastern, and Herself's is sort of starburst. All of them are in the same color way: black/white/red/gray, just the pattern is different. It unites the space without it being all matchy-matchy. The curtains are the same colors, but in a knitting-themed print (yarn balls and knit phrases.)

Here's a look at the bookcases.


The first is fiber-handling (changing fiber to yarn, basically, and yarn into woven fabric), the 2nd is knitting, and the 3rd is sewing. The sort of clear space on the middle case is where the printer will live (once I FIND it, that is!) - to make it more convenient to print off pdf patterns -yes, our wireless reaches out here!) The head is for modeling hats, and cosplay work for Herself. The CD rack will be moved....somewhere. Not sure at this point WHERE, but....not There. :lol:

A look at the other side of the cutting table.


in the cabinets I have all my buttons and thread, and some stuff I got from MIL. The drawers have my scissors, my pins, and my zippers/misc. stuff. The end drawers aren't all full yet - 1 end has my pressing tools and grommets, the other side has my rulers and chalk/markers.

And, finally - SEWING photos! This is the Sew Over It Betty Dress:


This has to be the SILLIEST dress I own - NOT because of the pattern (Sew Over It patterns - based on this one, anyway! - are very clear, very well-done, and easy to sew.), but because of the fabric. I'm not sure what the designers at Waverly were smoking the day they decide this was a good idea, but......(don't see it? Look closer. Seriously - LOOK CLOSER!)

The pattern? Is DANDELIONS. Wonderful, brightly colored, WEEDS. :rofl: I didn't notice it when I bought the fabric - I saw an abstract, lovely colored pattern. It wasn't until I started laying it out that I noticed it was WEEDS.

And, inside of Big Ugly:

These are super simple fabric bins. They take...maybe 1 yard each (maybe a little more; they are lined. I *think*, however, it's half a yard per layer. I made mine out of scraps/leftovers, so am not really sure how much it took.) I need to make a few more - Herself's acrylic is just in the plastic bags it came in - but that's down on the list.

:whew!: If you looked closely, you could see that the Studio still needs work - there's no panelling or insulation in the gables, and the ceiling panels They're ugly - but I don't care. I have SPACE now, to weave and sew. It makes things easier - the sewing machines are always set up! As is the cutting table! AND it's at the proper height for me! :happy dance:

I need to hem the dress, then I can start on something else....probably the bins. I have a couple more dresses to knock out - a Cashmerette Harrison (bought a kit!) and a Sew Over It Shirtwaist - but I'm not sure if I want to start them now, or not. We'll least I have a silly Spring dress to wear, now! :lol:

Oh, and H? Yes...I think. Depends on the RTW company - I go from 10 (slightly tight in the bust) to....18 if it has to cover the hips. (Autocorrect said "hippos". I don't know if I should be amused or not! :rofl:) My waist hovers between a 12 and 14.......which is why I wanted to sew. I would like clothes that FIT, thank you very much!)

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