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Quick note on (lack of) customer service....

as regards to Lawn Tractors. #johndeerefail And SERIOUS lack of customer service. #agpowersucks #agpowerfail

Let's see: husband decided to spend some of his retirement settlement on a fancy lawn tractor. I, of course, pointed him to Kubota - that's what my tractor is, I've ALWAYS gotten good service from them #kubotalove , and thought a matched set would be nice. But no, husband wants a GREEN lawn tractor. I told him I'd buy a couple cans of green spray paint, but no - it was John Deere or nothing. #johndeerecustomerservicesucks

So. In late January, husband paid cash for a John Deere lawn tractor from the local dealer #agpowersucks. He got the tractor, the plow (basically a discount front-end loader) and the canopy. Again, he paid CASH for a NEW set-up.

Problem #1: Ag Power sold him a USED canopy at FULL price #agpowersucks . He reported it; the customer service rep said "Oh, well.... we'll give you a 10 or 15 percent discount on your next purchase #agpowersucks

Problem #2: Last month, he finally tried out the plow. He moved 1/2 bucket of mulch, and the plow died #johndeerefail . He called Ag Power #agpowerfail ; they said, yes, OF COURSE it's under warranty, and it won't cost you anything to get it fixed! Give us your CC# - it's just formality, we WILL NOT CHARGE YOU. #agpowerlies (I think you see where this is going, right??)

They sent a guy out (UNDER WARRANTY); turns out it was just a fuse. The guy again said NO CHARGE, and left. #agpowerlies

Problem #3: Husband was reconciling his bank account yesterday, and low and behold there's a charge for *$140* from Ag power #agpowerlies . He called and has gotten NOTHING but run-around.

This morning he was told the manager would call him - he has NOT gotten a call. He was told that NO, it was NOT under warranty #agpowerlies , and of COURSE he was responsible for the service call #agpowerlies .

The call ended with husband requesting the return policy - if they want his $140 so badly, then HE wants his $5,138.00 back. In CASH, just as he paid. They can keep the $140, but he'll keep the fuse. #agpowerfail

The guy said, oh, but we'll have to charge you a fee to return it......SERIOUSLY?????? #johndeeresucks #johndeerefail #agpowersucks #agpowerlies

(Why all the hashtags? Because LJ just rolled out something that allows hashtags to show up...where ever. I figure, why not add them this time? Maybe someone with a bit of customer-service smarts will see this and get how absolutely STUPID this has been handled on THEIR end. #agpowerlies )

Anyway. He's scoping out Kubota, because we're both pretty sure Ag Power is going to continue the stupidity and refuse to refund the $140 - even though THEY lied to us about the charge. OK, so if electrical isn't covered, why didn't the service rep ON THE PHONE ask husband to check the fuse before they sent anyone out??? #agpowerfail # agpowersucks

Let me recap:

1. Ag Power sold a USED part at NEW PART pricing #agpowerlies

2. Ag Power said No Charge, then charged $140 #agpowerlies

3. Ag Power wants to charge a fee to return said tractor package; the return is directly caused by THEIR lies and policies #agpowersucks #agpowerlies

If you are in the market for a lawn tractor/mower, STAY AWAY from Ag Power - they are willing to lie to get your business, and they won't honor their word. #agpowerlies

I'm not sure how much of this is John Deere's policies, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out it is #johndeeresucks #johndeerefail Pity - the green looks nice in the shed next to my orange tractor. Oh, well - looks like we'll end up with a matched set after all. (The local Kubota dealer goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy. Ag Power? Not at ALL. #agpowersucks

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