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Sorry about the radio silence...

I had planned on updating at least weekly; then we got hit by a bobcat attack. In 2 weeks we lost 10 guieneas and at least 2 hens.

1 of them was Herself's pet - and the damn thing TOOK IT IN FRONT OF US. Then sauntered off like it had no care in the world. 2 days later it took another hen ("That's...OK.. I didn't like her anyway - she was MEAN.") Yes, yes she was - and she fought so much she left a trail of feathers for me to track it. :sigh:

I found where it was eating I left it a present of tainted dog food. Haven't seen it in 2 weeks now.......:fingers crossed: (I am not a hunter. I am not good with a rifle. Handgun, yes - but I need to put in more range time with the rifle. The cat was too smart to get close enough for me to nab it with a pistol, so.....)(Also, there were NO domestic animals near it's "diner". I am not that cruel - I just wanted to take out the predator.)

:sigh: We just turned out the 16 pullets that have been in the house for far to long. We're still on high alert, but I think this predator is gone. I have 33 more day-old chicks coming April 19........:big sigh:

Anyway. Life is....moving along. We are putting in a garden (Himself's idea.) - moving 12 yards of dirt by hand has not been fun! :lol: I'm planning out my sewing - I need a few more things for Summer wear. Fabric Mart had a huge sale and I scored some Cotton Lawn - I see some Vintage Shirtwaist dresses in my future. :lol:

More later - I have laundry to do.

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