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:sigh: So much for tolerance....

It seems that Ravelry has gone off the deep end. They just announced that pro-Trump things are forbidden. F*Trump items, are, of course, encouraged........I thought Ravelry was a place for yarn-lovers to hang out, not a PC zone.

I'm already in Rav jail, because I said I didn't care what pronouns others used to describe *me*. I can't post, but I damn sure can spend money with them. That kind of shows you what's important to them, huh? (Full disclosure - I don't buy many patterns from there, anyway; I'm there mostly for the free ones. I HAVE purchased - with actual money, even! - some patterns, but the majority of my library are free/coupon patterns.)

I'm trying to decide what to do......I'd already decided to keep my project pages in-house (Tap Forms is GREAT. I can access them from ANY device. I need to buy the Mac version; I have the iPad/iPhone ones, and all my sewing patterns are cataloged. (THAT was a chore!) I think I'm going to have all my crafts in one data-base, since I go from sewing to weaving to spinning to knitting to.......:lol:); I won't get any feedback, but honestly? I don't need feedback. I just want to keep track of what I've made, when, and out of what so I can see how long they last and what needs improving. :shrug:

I've not been idle whilst in jail - I've almost finished another sock, and I've got a new shirt for Himself about half-way done. It's a lovely, lovely cotton (from "a famous Hawaiian designer!" from FabricMart) that is sewing up like a dream. Once I'm sure the fit is correct, I'll knock out the rest of his fabric (FabricMart had a sale earlier this year on Ralph Lauren shirtings.......Oh. My. Gosh! is this stuff lovely! I can see why they command premium prices!

I have some shirting yardage for me, too - I just need to find the perfect pattern. I made a couple of Sew Over It's Lottie shirts.........kimono sleeves, collar......I'm not sure I really like the fit. As a pajama top, sure - but as an everyday top? It's little too......boxy. Unshaped. Comfy, sure, but......:shrug: I'll dig around in the pattern stash and see what I can find. I'm leaning toward a Grainline Archer......but it doesn't have any bust shaping, and that's what I don't like about SOI's Lottie. :pondering:

Ah, well - so it goes. Those who brag that they are tolerant.....are showing their true colors. I just wonder - who are they going to attack next, once all the conservatives are gone?

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