Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I did it. I deleted my Rav account...

because I can't stand for discrimination - of ANY sort. (FYI - discrimination doesn't just cover skin color or sexual orientation. It covers anything one can use to "other" people.)

Honestly, I'd been thinking about it for a *long* time - especially after R. started demanding people buy patterns from People of Color (that term is SO racist - it's just Colored People backward. I HATE it - we ALL have a color. Some are darker, some are lighter, some have a different tone......we're PEOPLE.).....I have NO IDEA what the pattern designer of ANY pattern that I own looks like. I don't run a background check before hitting buy it now. I buy patterns because there's something about them that speaks to me.

I didn't get to join the Rexit - I hit delete July 5. It took me that long to download all my PAID FOR patterns - I'm still not done organizing them! - but I did it. I joined in 2009 (at least, that's when my earliest projects were listed), so I had a LOT of stuff to delete/download. At least it's done - I have to delete Herself's account next, but I need to have my stuff organized first. (She suggested I keep it and use it to get more free patterns ("Mom, don't the liberals like giving stuff away for free? They shouldn't mind, then - right?" Clever, cheeky girl. :lol:) but I just...can't.)

Meanwhile, I found a list of folk that agree that discrimination is OK - they are now off my vendor list. I'm kinda sad - some of them write really lovely patterns (and I have a LOT of them on my currently owned list....:sigh:) but I simply can't support someone who supports ANY sort of discrimination - or who agrees with the libel that a small percentage of half the US means that ALL of that half are racist, white supremacists. Statistically speaking, that isn't true.....and realistically speaking, that isn't true. It's like saying that ALL gays are pedophiles.........just because a very small number of gays are. (I am NOT saying that - it's an example wrong-think.) Designers that I like that haven't openly agreed with R are still on my OK list - and I've found websites for most of them. I even ordered from 1 last night! (6 patterns that I didn't need, but I found out she'd been booted off R back in May. I don't know why, but I can certainly support her. She's Russian/Slavic, and her designs are *breath taking*. One of these days I'll knit a few up!)

I'm not going to toss the problematic patterns - I acquired them before this kerfuffle, and paid for some of them with real money (others I got with free-for-a-limited-time offers. :shrug: They showed as paid for in my R library, so.....I honestly couldn't tell you which ones used real money and which ones didn't, at this point.) Going forward, I'll only be purchasing from non-discriminatory designers - it's not like I really *need* any more patterns at this point. I have....well, I'm up to 1,400+ in my database right now, least 500 more to go. No, I don't have a problem......really. No, I don't expect to actually KNIT all of them - some of them are just so gorgeous I couldn't help myself. I use them as inspiration (especially the shawls. I don't wear shawls. They sure are pretty, though!)

Ah, well. I think I'll stay away from any of the new knitting sites for a bit.....I really do NOT like social media. R was a convenient place to get is Love Knitting. And Etsy. And direct from the designers. :shrug:

(And...I think R did this with an ulterior motive. I *think* they might be thinking about selling....but their membership numbers have always been suspicious to me. 8 mil members? I think that's a bit high - especially since their "active right now" numbers were never over 50K. If even that much. I think the numbers are padded - a lot - and this was a good way to drop them without anyone getting too suspicious. This is just me thinking out loud, though.......I have nothing to back it up. Just....feelings. Which are as good as facts, right? :wink:)

Oh - shout out to Tap Forms! LOVE it! I haven't figured out how to link my project page to the pattern page, but everything else works beautifully! I even have forms set up for my sewing projects, so everything will be in one easy to access spot. I *highly* recommend them (if you're on iOS) - or any database app, if you're not. It makes finding downloaded files *SO* much easier!

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