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this just gets better and better


Previous Entry this just gets better and better Jul. 23rd, 2019 @ 05:46 am Next Entry
i called the local ortho yesterday, first thing. he's out of the country until the end of the month. this is probably a good thing.....i called the other ortho the ER recommended, and they got me in.

after a 20 minute trip to get a copy of my x-rays ("go in, fill out a form and we'll copy them for you. 5 minutes, tops!") we headed to Dallas. the doc is nice, personable, and......had a few issues with how or local ER handled things.

1. they did not x-ray me the first trip. that should have been done to be sure nothing was in any of the wounds, and to check for breaks. no, it's not common to "miss breaks because of swelling".

2. they didn't clean the bites correctly. if we'd come to him, (if he'd been on call at the ER), he'd have taken me straight to the OR to properly clean them. while they look ok on the surface, 2 of them are still draining - which he finds worrisome 8 days out - and we have no idea how they look inside. at the minimum, he thinks i need more antibiotics - you don't mess around with dog bites, even if you know the dog in question. (for the record, our ER squirted saline solution in each bite, and dabbed it dry before letting me sit for 30+ minutes, then they stitched them up. yup, the bites were open while i sat there.)

3. it's rather apparent i have some nerve damage. if they'd properly cleaned things, it would - most likely - been discovered then, and fixed. he put in a call to a colleague who specializes in hand/wrists nerve issues, and ordered me to get in to see him Thursday or Friday of this week. to say i am a bit apprehensive isn't even starting to cover it.

he put me in a better fiberglass splint/soft cast. i have to keep it on the sling unless i am in bed or in a chair. i....well, i'm not really looking forward to the next visit, but something has to be done. the pain is pretty bad, and the lack of feeling in my pinky and ring fingers is a bit worrisome. and have i mentioned i can't do anything that requires 2 hands? dressing is fun - bras are a major problem. so are buttons/hooks/snaps and fitted anything.

oh, and i didn't mention my lack of appetite or hot flashes. i haven't had an age-related hot flash in over a year.......so...you know.....:sigh: no thermometer here, so haven't been able to check my temp. our ER didn't check, either visit. to be fair, they didn't yesterday, either - but they are orthopedic docs, not GPs.

so, that's how i am doing - how are you?

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