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not much going on - it's hard to do stuff one-handed. do have photos, though!

we "updated" my cast!

cast - side

cast - top

the other 4 doggies wanted to express their well-wishes....i stamped their paw prints on card stock, the traced off clean versions onto stencil plastic. herself cut the stencils out, then used a sharpie to put them on my arm. i used a magic marker to fill them in. i find it highly amusing to have 4 paw prints on the arm that was mangled by the 5th dog....i freely admit my humor is warped. :lol:

here are the 3 shirts i've sewn for himself. the plum one i managed to *finally* finish yesterday.

shirt - blue

blue on blue herringbone shirting from "a famous designer". i love fabric mart!

shirt - plum plaid

this one was fun - look at my plaid matching! i have 2 more plaid shirts to make for him - this was the experiment.

shirt - triangles

this fabric is from "a famous hawaiian designer". i didn't have enough fabric for a pocket; the pattern calls for the pocket to be cut on the bias, which i stupidly did - in this pattern, it looked totally stupid. i didn't have enough to recut it, pocket.

i'm trying to find a nice button-up, oxford-style shirt pattern for me. i have 3 lengths of fabric i want shirts out of.....i have the Granville shirt that i might make up, but it's a little too boxy. we'll see....

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