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good morning!

let's see:

1: wrist worse. i fell on friday - it was wet. i was feeding the does, and my feet slipped on the panel we had on the ground to keep out of the mud. i wind-milled, then hit the ground on my hip and - yup - left wrist. felt a pop......good news is i now have almost full range of motion. bad news is i am now at an 8 on the constant pain scale. :sigh: i see the ortho on thursday. fun times!

2: sewing. i have almost completed another shirt for himself - just need him to choose buttons so i can do the buttonholes. i knocked out 2 snuggle sacks for our lizard overlords - need to rework them a bit; torhu *hates* hers. i mean, she loves the warmth, but hates being put in it. i have a few ideas.

i knocked out a laptop case for my air yesterday. i've made this pattern once before (it's the lisette laptop bag from "ithinksew"); in that case i had to enlarge it. this time, i printed it at 82%. it fits.....but i do NOT like the instructions. the designer wants you to finish the inside with bias tape to cover the exposed seams, and she does NOT use any sort of padding to protect the contents. :sigh: yes, it's a bother to sew the lining separate from the outside, then flip them inside out, but the end result is so much more clean and professional! so is adding's a huge bother, but - again! - the end result is much nicer. i need to do 1 more practice run before doing the real one - Cyn needs a case for her laptop, and this makes a nice gift. :lol:

3: speaking of lizards. last weekend we picked up a new enclosure for the young kaiju. it looks like it was originally a glass display case from a shop - it's 70"L x 20"W x 12"H. i am going to remove the mirroring from the sliding doors, build a frame base to raise it 3", then build a frame top to raise *it* 3", and add a wire top for the lights to hang from. that should make it 18" high (or close) - which gets the heat lamps and UV lamps up high enough. it came with a 3.5' stand custom made (the seller had his turtle in it), so......hopefully next week we'll be able to get it in the house.

i've already started building some fake rock climbing toys for them - you use styrofoam, sanded grout, and polycrylic sealer. (no joke. i think i've spent.....$25 on supplies, and the grout is a 25 lb bag - it'll last *forever*. fake rocks at the pet store start at $, yeah. up next are a couple of hammocks (using scraps from my hawaiian shirts, i think!) and a few more rock structures.

4: himself requested i mention the Hong Kong situation. it's complicated, but people (Americans) who think that HK citizens shouldn't be punished for speaking out....are very naive. look, the only people who have a protected right to free speech are American citizens - and that only here, in America. Chinese citizens can NOT speak freely against the Chinese government - that's illegal there. i don't like it, but there it is. we, here in America, CAN speak out against it - and any American company that punishes an American citizen doing so should be taken to court. if they punish a NON-American - well, not much we can do about that, especially if they punish a Chinese citizen, in China, who breaks China's law against speaking out against the government. (the NBA needs to be legally b****-slapped into next week for kowtowing to the Chinese government, imnsho. as an American citizen, the coach has the *legally protected* right to speak his mind. granted, he was in what should have happened (imo) was that China threatened arrest, our embassy made "so sorry" noises and whisked him back home. yes, visitors in a foreign country should obey their laws........but still. the NBA could have made the right political noises to mollify China while not violating the coach's 1st amendment rights.) it's complicated......but money shouldn't be a factor in how a company treats it's people. blizzard, on the other hand, was within it's rights to punish the Chinese player at their tournament in Tokyo. i don't agree with it, but.....they were in China, it is a Chinese citizen - Chinese laws prevail. the guy has no protected right to free speech. i do NOT like it, is what it is. yes, i'm sure money had a lot to do with it - but, again - the guy is Chinese, and he knew it is against the law to speak out against the Chinese government. (for the record, i think Hong Kong *should* be allowed to be sovereign. not that my opinion means much - i have no skin in that fight.)

i need to start waking up the kids, so hope you have a good one!

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