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well, that's interesting....

so. went to the doc today about my wrist. he took x-rays.....seems the bone is NOT healing. i still have a nice gap between the 2 pieces - herself says it looks to be 3mm; i dunno. doc mentioned surgery....not fun. i go back 12/13 to see if it's gotten any better. he's concerned, since the pain hasn't decreased at all.

good news - i have more range of motion now. i think i tore scar tissue, which is why i can move it more. it's still not back to where it should be, but hey - i can move it more! we won't discuss how much it hurts, right? or the fact that it still takes me about 10 minutes per row on my sock...which is ridiculous. it took me 2.5 hours to knit half a toe. :sigh: i've got presents to knit - this is NOT good.

i still have a few exercises to do, but......they won't help the bone heal.

ah well, we'll see. i will keep plugging away at the sock that's been on the needles since JULY. (normally it takes 10 days to complete a pair of color-worked socks. this pair is plain - no pattern, no color, no texture...just knitting. :sigh:

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