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attn all *local* fiber artists or wanna-be's

oct. 15 the terrell public library is having their annual arts & crafts sale. i have been asked to demo again......and i'd like other like-minded folk to come play with me!

set up is from 8 am to 9:30 am....doors open 10-ish. it runs to....5, i think. they provide lunch and drinks (last year was sandwiches, chips and cookies, with tea or soft drinks). in return, all we have to do is our thing, explaining to folks exactly what it is we're doing. (if you'd rather have something different to eat, that's cool - i'm low-carbing right now, so i'm planning on bringing my ice chest with...probably chicken salad. i'm experimenting with low-carb cookies and bread...but so far they've been pretty nasty tasting.)

I'll be bringing my amos wheel and my 12h table loom. i might haul my ashford joy along, too. i need someone to weave...and it'd be cool to get others to come to demo silk spinning (oakenking, you wanna play?) kumihumo, etc.

want to play, but aren't into the fiberarts yet? i can get *anyone* weaving in under 5 minutes. seriously - you wanna weave for me, i'll warp the loom for whatever you want to make. (it's a 15 3/4" wide loom; estimate 14" finished width.) i've got 8/2 and 10/2 cotton in various colors.....lots of acrylic yarn, some wools.....just let me know.

want to spin, but don't want to haul your wheel? i have an ashford traveller, the joy, and an amos banjo charka. (if i can get a fire lit under alden, i'll have my amos brunswick wheel, too).

wanna spin, but not on a wheel? bring a spindle....or let me know and i'll haul some of mine out.

wanna just sit and knit? feel free!

i can haul my kumihumo mari-dai out, if you like...but you'll need to set it up yourself. i haven't done anything much with it, so i'm not that familiar with the set up.

last year, they had me in the "auditorium", on the stage. i'd estimate it's about 12' wide, and.....6' or so deep. they had a huge quilting frame set up in the middle of the room, with a gorgeous faux wedding-ring quilt on it. a rug hooker was in the corner.

there was another spinner, in the main library, but she freely admitted she doesn't spin except for this. the "weaver" had a rigid heddle loom, but admitted to me she really didn't have a clue. *sigh*

i'd like to show folks how it's really, help?
Tags: demos, spinning, weaving

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