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i finished a sock!

finally! took me 4 hours to knit a toe, but the blasted sock is done! :happy dance:

let's see:

1. had the stand for the new reptile habitat finished and ready to move into the house (not herself's room, yet, but in the house). only.....the husband found 2 more rotten boards that need replacing (no, i did't notice them while painting. he did, when he tried to lift the bloody thing by 1 board and it broke. :sigh:) then he shattered the masonry board on the side........this just gets better and better, doesn't it?

i tried to remove the mirroring on the sliding glass doors of the cage, and failed. we did get new glass cut, but not put in yet. we also got the final boards to make the riser for the bottom (we had boards....he had 2, and i bought 2. he just didn't tell me he was using his 2 to repair the stand. :bangs head:) ah, well - it worked out better. the bottom will be out of 2 x 6's instead of 2 x 4's, which makes it slightly taller, and therefor better for the young kaiju. :lol:

updated plan: the new habitat will be ready for occupancy *next* saturday.

2. rain! we had a gully-washer come thru last night. bad, heavy rain. thank G-d we have no damage!

3. the husband got to see suki at her antics again last night. she decided riley insulted her and jumped him.....and yet, she's still here. :big sigh: is is bad of me to wish he'd been bitten? because...yeah. maybe that would force him to *do* something. :sigh:

not much else to say. i *really* need to get back to putting stuff into tap forms. knitting is pretty much done, except for my projects, but sewing? not so much. :sigh: hurts to type, but.......

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