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So. Y'all know the story - dog bite 7/24, ER didn't do their damn jobs yada yada. Our insurance plan changed 10/1 - we had no choice in the matter. Now, my doctor - who still takes Cigna, you understand, and - again! - we had NO CHOICE in whether or not we were going to change plans or not - is no longer "In Network", so Cigna covers 60%, AFTER I meet the NEW deductible.

To recap: I had an accident 7/24/19. I met the damned deductible inn the ER visit on the same damn day. On 10/1/19, our plan changed - again, no choice in the matter - and a) I have to meet ANOTHER $1,500 deductible, b)my doctor - who hasn't changed ANYTHING on his end - is now OUT OF NETWORK, meaning I have to pay $99 out of his $111 visit charge.

Tell me again how this insurance is worth anything?????

EVERY other policy I have had in my life rolled over the deductible if it was an on-going (not chronic, of course) thing. This - I can't even.

Looks like I get to live with an unhealing, broken arm for....well, however long it takes for the bloody thing to heal. I can't afford to go back to the doctor, with OR without insurance, so guess that's that, then.

And NO - socialized/single payer is NOT the answer. 1 - it's not free, doctors/nurses/their suppliers have to be paid somehow, and where do you think that money will come from? and 2 - do you REALLY trust the government to run healthcare correctly? (Ummmm...think $250,000 hammers. Seriously - you want those bozos in charge of YOUR health?)

Sorry - I just had to vent. Now I'm going to go bash my head against a wall for a bit - and then cancel my 12/13 doctor appointment. There's really no point in keeping it if I can't afford to actually DO anything (since doc's already said surgery is the next step, IF I am still in pain (yup!) and if the bone isn't healing (don't know, but since it's swollen and squishy, I'm thinking it isn't, or it's healing very slowly. Either way, I can't afford to do anything, so.....why bother?)

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