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This just gets better and better....

And - I'm DONE. In fact, the husband is - no shit! - about to quit his job over this. :sigh:

So. Our enrollment period was 9/1/19 - 9/25/19. I wanted to stay with the plan we had, so we a)didn't have to DO anything and b)already knew what we were dealing with.

Nope - that plan is no longer offered in our area/by the employer. OK then. We stuck with Cigna (yup - calling the b*****ds out), because I *thought* our new plan would AT LEAST offer what we had. Boy, was I WRONG.

(As a quick aside - I was chosen BY CIGNA for a focus group, which was held 11/5/19. In it, we were shown a "fake" email discussing "local networks". I flipped out, said it was a HORRIBLE idea, and if I had gotten said email I would have dropped Cigna like a hot potato and run fleeing into the dark. I was told by the moderator - "oh, no, no - this isn't a thing. It's just a mock-up." Keep this in mind, OK?)

Monday I got a bill from my lovely hand specialist. I owed $110. AFTER my copay of $60. Cigna paid $29. I was incensed - what in the hell was going on? So I called......only to be told that my doctor, who IS with Cigna, who hasn't changed ANYTHING on his end at all, is no longer in MY network.

See, he's outside the limits placed upon me by my zip code. So - he's out of network, and they will pay 40% AFTER I meet my new deductible of $1500.

:sigh: Self-pay will cost me $199 for the visit in October and the upcoming one in December. Cigna will happily charge me $700/month + $170 PER VISIT.

So - go on, tell me again that I must keep this piece of shit insurance. Go on - tell me how much I will SAVE in the long run by paying $8,400 in premiums, $1,500 (per person, NO family cap!) deductible (even if it's an accident carry-forward - they don't give a shit, just pay up!), PLUS $170 per visit. (Let's see...6 visits @ $170/each, plus the previous.......$10,920. NOT including any surgery or extra visits. Cash pay = $1,200 for the same 6 visits. Um........anyone see a problem here????) Please note I only included 1 deductible - even though it's quite possible that you have to pay *2* of them, depending on the timing of your accidents. :shakes head"

It really isn't going to matter, though - husband has already told me that he's DONE dealing with the crap at work and this POS insurance. HR will NOT drop me - he is forced to keep me on, even though we CAN NOT AFFORD TO USE IT - so, he wants to quit. I told him go ahead - we'll figure something out.

And for the record - his gross pay is $30K. Think about that, if you will. Approximately $5,500 comes out for withholding/FICA. Subtract the insurance premiums from the remaining, and he has a NET income - or, for the accounting-challenged, Take Home Pay of - wait for it - $16,100.

We can live on that without too much difficulty. (No, seriously. NO credit cards, no splurges. :shrug:) But not when you add in the lack of coverage by Cigna.

Oh, and telling me to "find someone in your network".....yeah. I live in a rural area. There are 2 doctors' offices in town, neither of which competent. We have *1* orthopedic doctor who believes that x-rays can't see thru swollen tissue (so tell me why, exactly, you want to hit me with a dose of radiation if it's not going to show anything useful? Seriously.....) The hospital is best avoided - the ONLY reason I went there with the bite is because I had bled through a dishtowel in under 40 feet and was afraid I wouldn't make it to Dallas (60 miles away. For the closest *decent* hospital.) This hospital doesn't deliver babies any more, because there are NO OB/GYNs within 40 miles. The closest nephrologist (for Herself's thyroid condition) is approximately 35 miles away - pretty sure that's not in-network, either (good thing she's got her own insurance that doesn't care how far she has to drive to get to a doctor) - not that it's a GOOD nephrologist. :sigh: Same for Himself's allergy doctor. There's not a lot of choice here, doctor-wise - which hasn't been a problem up until now. (And the orthopedic doctor? Isn't a specialist, and I really don't feel comfortable with a non-specialist looking at my HAND, y'know? I kinda need my hands........although at this point, it's moot. Can't afford surgery, so I guess it doesn't matter.)

I love it here. I love the peace, the land, the livestock, the fact that my closest neighbors on one side are COWS. I do NOT like living close to people. I hate crowds - and traffic! Ugh! I don't think it's fair that I am penalized by an insurance company I am forced to pay, just because I like living with less pollution.

Ah, well. I will muddle along, like I always do. I need to try a few different knitting techniques, because the lack of a sock in tow is starting to wear on me. Knitting keeps me sane, and keeps me from smacking people with a clue-by-four when they are being especially dense. :sigh:

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