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So, I broke up with my doctor on Friday.....

good news is - the bone is healed.

bad news is - this is as good as it's going to get, since I can't afford to do anything else.

according to him, there's no reason I should be in pain, and i should have a *lot* more range of motion than I have. his recommendation: CT scan, followed by MRI and possible surgery.

problem: i am, for all intents and purposes, uninsured. (why no, my husband *hasn't* tried to cancel my insurance, nor has he seriously tried looking for another job. *I* am not that important to him - i've known it for years, i've accepted it - seriously, guys, it is what it is. if *he* were the one impacted by this (well, he is, financially, but that doesn't seem to matter, his whining about how broke he is notwithstanding...), things would be different. because it's me, not him - it's not a big deal. :sigh: again - this is nothing new. :shrug: case in point - we still have suki, and i am forced to sleep in the same bed with her every. single. night. it really isn't worth anyone getting pissed off about - i am plenty pissed off, but it doesn't make a difference.)

I am trying to find ways to adapt. i used some of my birthday money to buy a cheap ($35!) stand mixer for my lotions; i'm trying to figure out ways to make soap. knitting....i can only do 2 or 3 rows per day, which sucks, but at least i'm knitting. out. maybe a fly-shuttle would help - i need to see if i can rig up something. spinning - right out. i can't flip my hand over to control the twist. when i switch hands - right controlling twist, left holding fiber - i can't control how much fiber is being spun.

sewing. :sigh: i have to sew in very small chunks. 1 day to trace the pattern, then cut out the pattern the next. layout on fabric 1 day, the next to cut the fabric. then i start to sew, but i am only good for about 1 hour - 2 max, before it gets too painful. i can't power thru the pain (well, i *can*, but....) because then i'm worthless for 2 or 3 days to recover. a simple shirt for himself, for example, should take 4 - 6 hours. now, it takes 3 weeks.

i'll get used to it. or i give up all my hobbies, which i am not willing to do.

boy, that's a downer - let me try to turn this post around. last week, himself used the last of his inheritance to replace my dishwasher. the husband forced me into a bosch 5+ years ago; i have hated that thing for 5+ years. i honestly don't know what people see in them - it's small, it doesn't do a good job on the dishes (we routinely have to run 2 or 3 cycles per load to get the glassware clean).......seriously. i had much cleaner dishes with my cheap, bottom-of-the-line kenmore.

anyway, himself bought a nice kitchen aid. it should be delivered tomorrow - i can't wait. the saleslady said they get no repair calls on kitchen aid, a few on the Frigidaire, and a *ton* on bosch - which they don't carry because of all the problems. (i try to go to the small, family-owned appliance store in the next town over. i get better service, and honest opinions on the models they sell and service. they kept my maytag washer going longer than i anticipated, then happily sold me my beloved speed queen. when my dryer finally died earlier this year, herself bought me the matching speed queen dryer - it has no bells or whistles. all it does is dry my clothes in 1 cycle. bliss!)

oh! himself convinced me to pick up a copy of jedi: fallen order; the manager at our game stop talked me into using my points to purchase basically i got the game free. i am trying to play a little bit every day - i can convince myself it's rehab for my wrist. :lol: I've been playing since the day it came out, and am almost halfway done. it's been fun......i can't play more than 1 hour per day (pain!), but it's fun. except for the spiders.....stupid, scary, oversized, nightmare inducing spiders.......:shudder:

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