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Slight update

so. the kids and i talked earlier this week - they are my chore buddies, and i value their opinions - and we have decided to *not* breed any does this year. no kids, therefore, no milking.

this means, of course, no fresh milk for us. it also means, of course, i don't have to try and hand-milk 4 does. machine-milking is out, for now, because i can't hook up 2 inflations at once right now. we've done 1 at a time in the's not fun, because the does tend to get antsy when only 1 side is being milked, and dance when you try to attach the other inflation. honestly - it's faster to hand-milk 4 or fewer goats than it is to machine-milk them. the actual milking goes faster on the machine, yes - but then you have to haul water to *clean* the machine. that's not an option for me, right now, so - i take a year off, try to strengthen my hand and wrist, and try to regain some range-of-motion.

soap-making *will* happen, but i'll buy the milk. :shrug:

i'm also seriously thinking about down-sizing my loom. i'm not ready to give up weaving, not yet, and i'm not using the full width of my current loom anyway. honestly - i haven't woven much this past year or so, anyway; i've been more focused on sewing. i just.....i'm not ready to *not* call myself a weaver. i need to sit down and see how painful/difficult weaving is before i make any solid decision - but at the moment i think down-sizing is the right thing to do. maybe. i love this loom.........we'll see.

i'm currently in full declutter mode, for some reason. the kitchen was done yesterday - got rid of 2 trash bags of stuff that, while usable, isn't donate-able (i'll use broken/faded/not fully-functionable things, but i won't give them to people.) today is an ikea run to get a few organizers to finish the drawers, then i'll start on the cookbooks. i have SO many cookbooks! i need to weed them, then go thru the other bookshelves and make a run to the used book shop. they'll give me credit - yes, more books, but less than half of what i brought it, so it's still a win. then i'll start on the family room.....

herself is doing a major overhaul of her studio space. 10 trash bags so far, and she's just started. the goal is to get her space clean and set up so i can get my dining room back. himself is working on his room - guess my mood is infectious! hope there's no vaccine for it - this really needs to be done. :lol:

i've got herself's Hanukkah present started - a scorbunny hoodie. pattern is by choly knight - she's awesome. her patterns are well-written, go together pretty easily, and she has "hacking" packs for some of them to customize them. the hoodie pattern was already traced off (herself made her Bakugo hoodie from it), so all i had to do was print 2 copies of the scorbunny add-ons and cut them out. i have all the small parts cut out of the fabric, just need to cut the back, front and sleeves then i can start assembling it. i'm working on a scarf for himself - it's not the one i started back in june; this one is a simple 3-cable one. it's taking me ages - i started this back in october. i can only knit 2 or 3 rows at a time...but it'll get done eventually. then hopefully i can go back to his "real" scarf........:sigh: (he saw fox paws and got intrigued. i got him to give me the 5 colors, i ordered yarn, and cast on. i got almost to the end of the first repeat when the dog nation attacked :lol:.....i can't do the 5 stitch-decrease or the multiple increases right now. hopefully soon.....

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