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Well, this isn't ominous or anything....

This year, that is. 1/2/20, Mom went to the ER - it wasn't serious, Praise G-d! - with a stomach virus and possible pneumonia. I came home with a cough that is trying very very hard to become an upper respiratory thing. :sigh: Fun times!

Ah, well. In better news, Herself has decided she MUST! sew herself a new wardrobe. She's decided she's really into the Japanese Lolita style ( doll, with a serious Victorian vibe. VERY modest - skirts are at least knee length, and very little skin.) - we spent way too much $$ at Hobby Lobby on fabric and ribbons. Still.....SHE'S going to sew, so I won't complain. To be fair, I'm leaning towards the Japanese mori-look, myself (a slightly tighter fitting Lagenlook......basically, layers. Loose-fitting tops over slim pants, or a dress over a skirt.), so I really have no room to talk. I just need to find the energy to actually sew.....:sigh:

Himself has requested a long-sleeved PLAID shirt. Huzzah! and OhNo! :lol: He's also requested (!!!) a Sonic (!!!!) Hoodie(!!!!!!!), to be worn to the upcoming movie. I can do that! I found a shop online with fleece at what I consider a decent price (your; 12 yards of non-pill fleece for $45 total. That's a LOT less than I can get it locally!) - it should arrive Friday, so...we'll see. Here's hoping the quality is decent!

Also, Himself bought Herself a Charizard kirugumi for Hanukkah. Basically, an adult-sized, character-themed onesie. It was.......more $$$ than *I* would spend, but a) Hanukkah, and b) it was part of a buy 2, get 1 free sale. Upon seeing how comfortable it was.....I went hunting for a pattern. :lol: has them......I'm not thrilled with them at the moment. Their patterns are $20, but you have to download the instructions - they don't come with the printed pattern. :grumble: I've printed them out (I don't use my iPad in the sewing studio - I prefer paper, so I can make notes), now we wait for the printed pattern to come. I'm thinking I need to get some sweatshirt fabric....we'll see. Need to decide on what, exactly, I want to theme it as. (Why yes, I DO need a onesie. For days like today, when all I want to do is sleep. The rest of the family won't be able to con me into leaving the house if I'm in a silly onesie, now will they? :lol:)

Not much else is going on. I was hit with a massive "Must Clean All the Things!" bug the last of kitchen has been decluttered and reorganized, and I've started on the breakfast area. Herself has started organizing her Studio, and Himself, not to be outdone, has been working on his shelves. I hope THIS bug hangs around - I'd like to get the rest of the house decluttered, but this chest bug has kinda slowed me down. :sigh:

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