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Picture Intensive Post - You have been warned!

Figured I should show you what I've been working on since Hanukkah - it's quite a bit! I'm limited in what I can accomplish each day - 4 hours is my maximum, and that leaves me sore and achy for a couple of days. :sigh: I'm trying to push through, which...isn't really a good idea, but I don't know what else to do. I can't take anything for pain - allergies are *great*, aren't they? - and I don't want to just STOP, y'know? Anyway - onwards!

To be nice, I'll put them behind a cut.

First up, Herself's Hanukkah present - a Pokemon Scorbunny hoodie! He's from the newest set of games - Sword and Shield - and he's kinda cute.




Quick note: the pattern for all the hoodies is Choly Knight's Cosplay Hoodie - this one is a Women's Medium, the rest are the Unisex Large. She put out a "hack" pack for the Sword and Shield starters - that's where the bunny bits came from.

I think he came out cute - and Herself loves it, so - Win! The ears just slay me - they are so big and floppy! Too cute!!!

Himself was impressed, and asked if I could maybe make him a hoodie to wear to the upcoming Sonic movie. If I wanted to, I mean, I didn't HAVE to, but...maybe? Of COURSE I said yes, and headed to the fabric store before he could change his mind.

This is what happened:




I then decided *I* needed a new, themed hoodie....Herself suggested a shiny Charizard, since it's black and I can wear black with, um, this happened:




As you can see, I figured out what the embroidery machine wanted, and managed to get some....interesting...eyes done. Full disclosure - I couldn't find Charizard files anywhere, so I settled for a recoloring of Bulbasaur's eyes. My Charizard looks like he is mid-tantrum, and it's cute and funny, all at the same time. :lol: (The first pic is pre-wash, so the eyes still have stabilizer on them.)

Then my order from came in, and I started on Himself's 2nd request - Tails, also from Sonic. The color is....a little too bright, but it was the closest I could get, and Himself said it was OK.



I need to tack the tails down in back - right now they are safety-pinned on. Once he decides on exact placement, I'll do that.

While I was working on these, Himself bought her a present - a Charizard Kigurumi. *This* is to blame for.....a lot of what follows. :lol:

The Charizard kigu that started it all:



Again, I DID NOT SEW THIS ONE! I'm including it so you can see my inspiration. At first, I thought it was ridiculous - I mean, seriously, LOOK at that thing! But then one evening I was freezing - wrapped up in sweatpants, my hoodie, wool socks, AND a fleece blanket, and Herself came out in that, sat down, and asked if she could turn on the fan - she was hot. I decided that maybe it wasn't so silly after all......

And this happened:




It's an Eevee from Pokemon. You can see the eyes/face - this was before I washed the water-soluble stabilizer off. I have discovered if I hoop the fleece on top of mid-weight cut away stabilizer, and top with water-soluble, my machine will work almost perfectly. (Still some bobbles, but MUCH better than before!) Yes, it has a tail.....because. It needed a tail. I kept it small, and put it up a little high - I can, actually, nap in this without problems. The ears!! are long and floppy - and they're actually smaller than the pattern called for. (The Eevee ears are from Choly Knight, the tail Herself and I came up with. And the ruff - THAT was fun!)

While finishing Eevee, I had a brainstorm, and had to work up another one for me......I'm only showing the hood part, because the rest is just plain cream (no tails/details) with green cuffs (both ankle and wrist.....)

Behold! A Yodlet!


I SO need a hoodie version! This turned out SO cute! The green is too bright, but it was the only green the local store had. We're running into town this weekend, and I'm going to hunt for a more.....subdued shade. :lol: For house-lounging, this is fine, but for public? Too bright. Cute, though!

The kigurumi pattern is from It's......well. I'm not really happy with them - you pay $20+ for a mailed paper pattern...and then YOU have to print off the instructions yourself. Or try to sew from a screen. Yeah, no - I need a paper copy. Granted, I only glanced at these - the seam allowances aren't mentioned until page 4, and they don't discuss fitting until the LAST page ("if it's too loose, re-sew the seams with a larger allowance. If it's too tight, recut the pieces larger". Um.....the pattern calls for *5* yards of woven fabric (yeah, I used fleece, just under 3 yards, but STILL). I'd kinda like to know if it's going to fit BEFORE I possibly waste that much money. *I* know to pre-fit everything, but if you're new? You won't - and their sizing chart said it would fit me. It does....but if I had used their seam allowances, it would have been a little too snug over my hips. I measured the flat pattern and used much smaller allowances, because I only wanted to do the thing one time. :shakes head: There's also no lengthen/shorten line, and there's no easy place to enlarge it without messing up the shoulders/neck.) Oh! I used the Cosplay hoodie's hood instead of theirs, because a) their hood is a little smaller than I wanted and b) it's a 2-piece hood (left/right sides), which means you have to hand-sew the ears on. I prefer the 4-piece hood, with a seam in the perfect spot to stick your ears/horns/whatever. And it's easier to plop the smaller front piece in the embroidery hoop. :lol:

Yes, they are silly. They are also cute, and warm. They're a "fast" sew - both the kigurumi's and the hoodies can be sewn up - by me! - in about 6 hours....or about 2.5 sessions. I cut the pieces out the first day, the 2nd gets the bits assembled, then the 3rd is actually putting them together. The eyes are done on the 2nd day - the machine can do it's thing while I'm sewing up the bits and bobs. It's efficient, I can still babysit the embroidery machine, and I end up with cute stuff. :rofl:

And I kinda, sorta figured out my embroidery machine - so wins all around! I have plans.........plans, I tell you. :wink:

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