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Um. Well Thanks for the prayers, guys!

Because.....I am no longer with loom. !!!! I posted it on CL on Monday, got a nibble Tuesday (but he never came back after I responded), updated the listing Thursday (added a BUNCH of stuff, and raised the price a little bit)....and yesterday. Yesterday a very nice lady contacted me, we emailed back and forth, and she paypal'd me the money after lunch. They are coming up to pick it up next Saturday. !!!!!

I am....well, sad. This is the end of an era for me. I'm also happy, because this is an awesome loom that deserves to be used and loved - and this weaver has been wanting *this* model of loom for a while. (Like me!) I'm glad - she got a really good deal, I got a fair price, and I will be able to move on now, without being depressed every time I look at the loom, sitting forlornly on the other side of the studio. (I'll stop with the dramatics now, I promise!)

I'm going to take it apart today, label the various extras, and start planning on the reorganization. I'm not going to fill up the space - honest! - but I am going to hack an Ikea kallax into a pressing station and get rid of the ironing board. The dress forms will be moved over on that side, and I'll rearrange the furniture.

So. That's a huge blessing for me - and I know someone else out there had to be praying. Thanks! :hugs:

In other news, Friday we headed out to hit the fabric outlets in Dallas. Last November a tornado had gone thru - according to everything I found online, the stores were "slightly" damaged.....yeah. Not so much - 2 of our favorites are...well, basically gone. The one with the awesome denim prices is half demolished (but I found out yesterday they've moved temporarily down the street...would have been nice to know that Friday, but that's on me). The one next door, owned by overbearing but kinda endearing gentleman is totaled. He just opened an etsy shop mid-January, so we can continue to shop with him, but it's kinda...sad. He had the best button collection! And interesting fabrics - online isn't quite the same.

The largest store is still there, untouched. They have great prices on silk - but we weren't there for silk. Their clearance room has great prices, but.....the selection is a bit weird. Still, I scored 10 yards of knit fabric (5 green, 5 blue) for $0.99/yard, and Herself got some nice...I don't know what it actually is, but it looks like a silk noil for $1.99/yard. Among other things...she made out like a bandit, I spent $10. :lol:

I think that brings us up to date. I need to head to the Studio to start packing up the loom and all it's accessories, and to try to organize some of the fabric. Tomorrow is grocery day...then it's on to Tax Season. Fun stuff! :lol:

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