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Change in plans...

so, I was scheduled to have a day off tomorrow, to see Himself off to school, and to help him find the bus at the end of the day. BUT......

Boss-man is in the hospital. He's been diagnosed with dementia (well, DUH!) and...his kidneys are failing. Co-worker has been requested to sit with him tomorrow, which means the office will be *gasp* empty if I'm not there.

So, I will walk Himself from the bus to his classroom, then hook ass to work. My mother will be there to walk him back to the bus at day's end, then she'll pick both kidlets up from the daycare for me (I had promised them I'd bring them home early.) I'll get home at the usual time...unless I'm needed at boss-man's house or the hospital.

The kids are surprisingly OK with the change in plans. Both are pretty keyed up about school tomorrow - Himself has picked out *4* uniforms to wear, and can't make up his mind. *g* We've checked our backpack at least 10 times; Herself has made her teacher an origami...something or other.

Just now, they're fighting over who gets to take the first shower - "because we gotta be clean for tomorrow!!"

In other news: wrist is still sore, but most of the swelling is gone. It's still *very* weak, though.......

Ah, well...such is life. I'll try to finish threading my loom next weekend.
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