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Get a grip, people!

This is NOT the end of the world - it is a MEDIA-INDUCED circus. The virus is the SAME one we get EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

1. The virus "escaped" in November. It didn't hit the public radar until February....what did it do from November to February? Take a vacation? No - I guarantee it had already traveled around the world, not making waves, until *someone* decided to turn it into a media frenzy.

2. The WHO sold pandemic bonds a few years ago, due to mature July 2020. The interest rates were...2% on some and 11% on the others, IIRC (the 11% I remember. The other is either 2% or 4%, can't remember, don't care.) Only, there's a clause that if a pandemic hit BEFORE June 2020, no repayment was to happen. Gee.........would ya look at that???

3. The death numbers that are do we know they are from Covid-19? We KNOW the media lies. How do we know that the deaths aren't ALL deaths - from suicide/old age/accident/homicide/etc? We don' why should we trust them? (I don't.) How do we know they aren't related to the "normal" flu deaths? We don't. I don't trust the numbers, I don't trust the tests.......I think it's mostly hype and fear-mongering. (Yes, I know this is a controversial opinion. YOU don't have to share it.)

4. The US Constitution grants us the right to freely assemble - and the local governments are denying us that right because of......this. Nope, sorry - I haven't changed my lifestyle, and I won't. I'm not afraid of no hoax, as Herself put it. I mean, we're not popping out for lunch as often, because I don't like eating in the car, and bringing food home defeats the purpose. (At home I have a Duncan that likes to inspect my food. Sometimes I just want to *eat* without the keen observation.) We're still doing our normal craft-store/feed store/quick grocery runs - and will continue to do so.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm not taking the usual precautions - I know how to properly wash up, thanks, and do so. I am not forcing Mom or Cyn to go out - both of them have lung issues, and this IS cold and flu season. I will NOT be getting any flu shots - I never do, and never will. (I used to, but a) almost never noticed a difference, and b) 1 time (the LAST) I got so sick I wanted to die. NEVER again. I know it was a reaction to the vaccine, because I was perfectly healthy the day of, but a few hours later got sicker than I have ever been. NEVER again.)

I'm not sure what the end-game is, here. I'm seeing a lot of money being pledged.....but I'm not sure where it's actually GOING. I have suspicions, but no proof. Is it real? The virus itself might be, but the media hype is just more blood-and-circus fear-mongering. I'm also not sure what started the toilet paper drought...this virus doesn't cause bathroom problems, so....why the run? (Pun NOT intended). It makes no sense......

Ah, well. To be honest, I don't watch the news anymore - haven't since before last Passover. I catch it online, but I don't spend a lot of time reading it - I am sick of the lies and the misrepresentation. I'm much happier now.

In other news, Himself has me playing Drake's Fortune - it', so far. I suck, but that's OK. He enjoys offering me advice. :lol: I need all the help I can get!

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