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Passover begins tomorrow night

according to the New Moon, anyway. Wednesday night, according to the calendar. :shrug: We're going with tomorrow night, so today has been a whirlwind of cleaning out the 'fridge and freezers. I'll be vacuuming later, to make sure all the crumbs are gone.

We're trying something sorta new this year - last year, we had company over Passover week, so I made a menu plan. We're doing that again this year, because it worked so well last. We kick off Pesach with Shepherd's Pie; then sometime over the week we'll have Quiche, Butter Chicken, Brisket, Steak, Pot Roast, Lasagne, and Spaghetti. Lunches will be salads and/or mac 'n cheese. We did our normal once a month shop last Friday, so we a good to go.

I'm noticing some good signs - a lot of folk are out and about, and NOT wearing masks. (Masks really won't do any good if they aren't air-tight against the skin....cloth and paper masks are NOT. They'll stop you spreading sneezes, but they won't stop anything from actually getting into your system. At least, that's what a lot of scientists are saying.) There's a LOT of grumbles, too - mostly from older folk. Younger, more indoctrinated folk are doing everything the gov'ment is telling them to do.......:sigh: Oh well, not my circus, not my monkeys. I do find it amusing that they are out en masse, wearing masks like good little sheep.

Our ISD is delivering lunches to the students out here, so at least they are earning their tax dollars. Good to know that *something* productive is happening!

Himself finished his robe, and is awaiting a pants pattern so he can start his next project. Herself is happily working on accessories; I finished a batch of bags and will be starting pants for me (finally!) tomorrow. He and I have been walking every day - averaging 2 miles. I did something to my right leg today, so tomorrow we're taking off; my left leg hurts, but it's livable.

Saturday was go-shopping-for-the-aunt; I'm glad that 2 months ago she bought TP and Paper Towels, because they are NOWHERE to be found right now. Mom is hunting TP - I think she'll have to take some of mine. I can't figure out the hoarders - C19 doesn't affect the digestive tract! :shrug: We're OK for another month, I hope! IF not, well, the shower's right there - basically a large bidet. :lol:

Not a lot to report - we're still doing our normal routine. Bluprint is offering free classes until 4/19 - not *all* of them, like they claim, but most of them. It looks like they are discontinuing the "own forever" classes (called it!), but at least you can watch for free right now. I'm trying to see if there are any I need to hunt hard copies of......

Anyway - Hag Samech Pesach!

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