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Whew! What a time it has been!

Let's see.....week before Easter, we took the aunt shopping. Got home, Himself and I went for a walk, and Herself ran out to get us - she found a dozen newly-hatched chicks! Helped her get the brooder set times!

Then, last Sunday (Easter), she came in....with 4 still-wet kittens. She had been cleaning the nesting boxes and had heard something. Went to investigate; in the milkroom (not currently in use, for rather obvious reasons), in the old grain bin, was a dead(!) possum with 4 newborn kittens on top of it.(ewwwwww!) I had her set up a bucket to put them in, next to the can......and we watched. For 24 hours. No mom ever showed, so we brought the 4 wee ones inside, added the heat rock from the lizards' habitat, and tried to keep them alive.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. The last one died yesterday - we kept it alive a week, which I guess is something. :sigh:

Anyway. I've been spending a lot of time contemplating my wardrobe. I have sewn a LOT of dresses over the last few years, but I never wear them. Dresses, to me, are - well, Dress-Up, not everyday clothes. I started looking at all the sewing books/patterns I've bought/bookmarked over the past year, and I realized that I really, really like the Lagenlook.....look. :lol: Slouchy, loose-fitting pants under tunic tops, with (a few!) ruffles. I discovered the Tina Givens patterns (freebies!) I had downloaded, and decided to sew up a pair of Plinka pants.

I. Am. Loving. Them! I now have 3 pair, and a pair of Phoebe pants hanging in my wardrobe. With fabric on order for a few more pair.

I have weeded my wardrobe, and am down to a few tunic tops that I love. (Guess I kinda/sorta Marie Kondo'ed my wardrobe......heh.) I have the patterns for a few more, and will be sewing them up soon. I don't plan on over-layering things, but a swingy tunic over the plinka's is a cute outfit.

I seem to lean more toward the Japanese take on Lagenlook instead of the German/American version - I am not interested in 2 or more "slips" on top of a skirt on top of the plinkas; I like the tunic-over-pants look. It's comfy, it's breezy, and - because the Plinkas are so....wide-legged, it's still swishy! :lol: The Phoebe pants are still wide-legged, but no ruffles - I'm planning on wearing them with "louder" tops, and the Plinka pants with more subdued ones. Maybe........I mean, I'm finally over 50 now, so why not? I might even start wearing Red and Purple together - on purpose! (only, not really. I don't like a lot of red....)

I discovered Adelica Patterns over the weekend - simple items, good prices, kinda lacking on instructions. Still, for $4.50/pattern, it's not bad - and, for me, the sizing is spot on. (They're on Etsy as well as their own website.) Today I bought the StyleArc Jules Woven tunic - I have some lawn that *needs* to become this.

I've also made a couple of sun hats - 1 for me (using some leftover linen so it matches a pair of Plinkas) and 1 for Himself (using canvas from my Studio couch slipcover.) We'll wear them on our walks. Herself wants a (few) hat(s), too, so I'll be busy. :lol: That's good, since the world's gone mad.

(I am seeing signs this is winding down - there were a couple of mass-shootings over the weekend. False flags, of course- what, do you think that all the mass-shooters actually obeyed the quarantine? Not. This would have been the ideal time to go shoot up grocery stores, since that's the place most people are congregating, but oh, no - they stayed indoors like model citizens.:snort: The media needs to find a way to exit this gracefully, so they conjure up stuff. Oh - all you Trollus Langleyites that have started appearing in my comments - give it up. My blog is honestly NOT that popular, nor do I want it to be. I can do math, thanks, so I know the media is lying. :shrug: I really don't care if anyone else believes me.)

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