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1. Duncan is 2!!!!! Silly boy cut himself last week - I was treating him, but yesterday he didn't eat. :sigh: Took him to the vet (not our usual - they were booked.) - he's fine, just a little sore. The cut looked good - I think he just wanted to go for a car ride. The trip to Dairy Queen on the way home didn't hurt - nor did the Hunger Buster Jr. he got. :lol:

2. Did a little digging...seems that last year, in Texas, 11,000 people died from the flu. This year, in a "pandemic", not quite 4,000 have died from the "super deadly novel coronavirus". Um....yeah. These numbers are from the Texas State Health Department - make your own conclusions. (Because honestly, you can extrapolate. Texas can't be an outlier - not when we're "2nd in the Nation for new cases!" - so you can bet most other states/countries numbers are pretty close to the same.)

3. Sewing! Been hitting it out of the park, lately. I finally got brave and started embroidering some new shirts - I have 2 (pics forthcoming!) that turned out WONDERFULLY well and fit my style. I've always leaned BoHo, but squelched it because it's not easy to find at a price point I can afford. Now? Sky's the limit!

3a. My new favorite top pattern is the Twig + Tale Women's Breeze shirt. Kinda peasant-y, kinda flowy, and a perfect canvas for embroidery. My first one is linen with bluebonnets; the 2nd is a cotton/ramie chambray with hummingbirds and flowers. I'm going thru my files to find more......this is fun!

3b. Although my machine isn't quite with me. The automatic needle-threader decided to die violently on the 2nd motif on the front of shirt #2. Not a huge issue - I can manually thread the needle - just an annoyance. 25 thread changes weren't fun......but do-able. Himself looked at it, but it's FUBAR; I'm not sure if I want to go to the hassle of trying to get it repaired now, or if I just live with it (probably live with it. Again, it's not a big deal.)

4. There is currently a possum in my chicken feed can. I noped right out of there - the kids will handle it. The chickens got goat feed this morning......that's farm life for ya! :lol:

5. There is no 5.

6. Been reading.........did you know that masks are big in the occult? And that symbolically they silence people? And make them into "others" (think cyber-bullying, and how people act differently behind a screen than they do in real life.) Putting that together with the Reality of Duality........folks, I think the Mark of the Beast might not be what the church has taught - it might be symbolic and NOT physical. This guy takes a few hundred words to say it, but it's worth reading.......if you have ears to hear. Yes, it's wordy....but I think there's a lot of Truth to it - and it's sobering. And worth considering. (And Anonymous, I don't care that you don't agree with me. Just.....don't read me. No one is forcing you to, right?? (OR...are they?????:wink:) Just move along......but you might want to check out the link. You might learn something.)

Gotta skitter - got to buy grain, evict a possum, and get a new shirt cut out. And find some linen for shorts/pants......I've just about replaced all my cheap, store-bought blouses (NOT my t-shirts, though. Those I'm keeping. :lol:) with nice, natural-fiber ones. ( a bit problematic. YES, it's "natural", but...only through man-made means. :sigh:) I need that's next up. I think Cashmerette's Calder pants fit the bill...we'll see.
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