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This is hard to write.....

we - make that I - had Suki put down yesterday. WITH the husband's grudging OK. :big sigh:

For those following, you'll remember she jumped Chloe 7/14/19, then attacked me when I intervened. I had the talk with the husband then - this was bite #4! - but no, it was my fault for trying to stop the fight. (Yes, it was my fault she got out when Chloe was out, but I refuse to accept blame for her attacking me.)

There have been a few incidences over the past year, but nothing major....until Sunday. We have - had - a pretty elaborate schedule of who was out when; it was time for Suki's mid-day bathroom break. I locked up Chloe, let out Suki, and told her to go outside. She didn't. I went to the back door, she ran outside. I didn't go out, so she came in and barked at me - normal stuff. I checked the other dogs - all were back, not near the pet door, so I opened the door, she ran out the pet door, and I stepped outside.

Normally, she'd jump off the porch and bark at me until I stepped off the porch. This time, she didn't. I took 1 step toward the porch edge, and Loki came out the pet door (along with Duncan).

Suki went from nice to vicious killer in 1 heartbeat, and attacked Loki. I panicked and started screaming; the husband vaulted the fence and tried to get her off. (He's lucky he didn't get bitten; I'm a little bitter that he didn't.) He managed to get her off Loki, and Himself grabbed him and rushed him into the kids' bathroom for treatment.

Herself had to guide me inside - apparently I had a panic attack. We doctored Loki up, and the husband came in to check on him. I will NOT share pictures - it's bad. Not life-threatening, but bad. His left front leg is pretty chewed up.

Long story short, I snapped and demanded he Do Something. He finally told me he couldn't, but I could....but it had to be tomorrow (Monday). (He actually wanted to find her another home. She has bitten humans *4* times, now - she was, legally, a dangerous dog. He disagreed, but facts are facts. *I* couldn't put another family in this position, nor could I live with myself if bite #5 was to a child.)

So. After a night spent on the couch (because yes, he let Suki sleep in the bed. Still.), I went in to check Loki (he had dragged himself into Himself's room, and after a bit of effort got up on his bed, where he refused to move.)....his leg was swollen to 2x its normal size, and he cried anytime we came close to touching it. I called the vet, actually got a tech, and set up both appointments......:sigh: and :sob:

Loki will be OK. He's having a hard time getting around - he can't put weight on his leg - and his appetite is just....not there. He has to take 3 pills 2x/day, and 1.5 pills 1x/day, so I have to go buy more lunch meat - cheese is Not Acceptable. I did finally get him outside this AM - he *really* didn't want to go, not that I can blame him. All the dogs know something is off, but I'm not sure they know she's gone. :sob:

Yes, I am sad - I HATE that it came to this. Yes, I have spent the last year terrified something like this would happen, but still.....

The husband is, as I expected, upset and pissed. At me. Because......nothing is ever his fault. I did expect this, and told the kids to expect it - I really didn't need 2 kids pissed at him on top of everything else. (They still are, but not because he's upset with me; they are because they saw this coming, too, and he did nothing he promised to try and head it off. :sigh:)

Hopefully I can sleep today - last night was not good. Loki managed to get in our bed, but any time someone bumped him he'd whimper. The husband was all in knots because Suki wasn't on top of him.....:big sigh:

Oh! To top everything off yesterday - as we were coming home from her appointment 3 skunks decided to cross in front of me. Not like the day already stunk or anything.....(G-d has a sense of humor. I can chuckle over it now, but yesterday not so much.)

I sincerely hope y'all's day/week is going better. I *know* this is for the best, but.........still. Any one wanna place bets on when we get another dog? (I've already had THAT talk, too - NO strays. Rescues/shelters/breeders ONLY. Puppies preferred. No, I'm not heartless - I know how he is. If I hadn't put my foot down, we'd be over-run with strays. I have to think of our current pack, and don't want to take in another unknown. Any bets on if THAT rule gets broken? :weak grin:)
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