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Apparently, grief makes me focus...

on craft stuff. I, a bit busy in the Studio last week, and now have 3 new shirts. :whistles innocently:

Real quick: Loki is healing. He's still a bit ouch-y, but......we think he kinda likes the attention. Sometimes he'll walk normally, and jump on the couch and bed with no problems, other times he's limping and whining. Now, I've BTDT, so he could still be hurting,'s funny. I took him off his pain meds 2 days ago - I don't like giving too many, and I like to keep the extras on hand. (IF he were really hurting, he'd get meds. I'm not a horrible person! I just don't like the side effects.)

I was browsing Emblibrary, and came across a few interesting files. A few hours (oops!) later, I found a lovely "curve".....but it was roses. I don't *do* roses.....except I couldn't get this pattern out of my mind. I finally gave in, and went back, and bought *all* the "pretty roses" files (4, if I remember correctly).

See, I had some lovely Robert Kaufman Essex Linen in a pretty rose-ish pink that I had planned to make a 2-piece set out of (pants/shirt). This file? Was PERFECT for the fabric.......and this happened:

shirt breeze back

shirt breeze neck

shirt breeze sleeve

shirt breeze sleeve 2

The "curve" almost perfectly matches the neckline of the Breeze, and the neckline file matches the back. I need to work on placement, but this turned out beautifully.

I went back out the next day, intending on sewing up some matching shorts, but.........I apparently needed a casual shirt with roses. :lol:

shirt tee back

shirt tee front

shirt tee front and sleev

Sorry about the photos; since I already had good ones of the embroidery from the Breeze, I just snapped these quickly. Again, my placement was off, but it still works.

And then. I had also purchased some files with hibiscus flowers on them......just because of the plumeria blooms. I LOVE plumerias - aka frangipani. AKA lei flowers. :lol: LOVE them - the scent is one of my favorites. How could I resist? I went stash-diving, and found a length of Black Essex that... I don't really remember buying. :shrug: A few hours later, the embroidery was done, and...well.....

shirt hibiscus back</a>

shirt hibiscus front

I did a LOT of pre-planning this time. Instead of eyeballing the placement (well.....I always use a printout of the file, cut to fit the hoop, to place the embroidery, but usually I'm just eyeballing where I thought it needed to be.), I very carefully marked the seam allowances on the fabric (oh! I *always* embroider before cutting out the pieces. I carefully trace the pattern onto the fabric; I usually cut out the sides and armholes, but leave the necklines just traced. Makes it easier to hoop.), then carefully folded the template so I had a solid line of where the embroidery would be. It looks SO much better!

I'm also not assembling the Breeze as per the instructions; I ditched the facings and use bias tape on the slit. I sew the collar the same way I would on a man's shirt, but I sew it to the *inside* first. I fold up the outside seam allowance before assembling the collar; after attaching it to the inside it's easy-ish to top-stitch it down on the *outside*, making sure it's all nice and straight.

Because of all my pre-marking, there's no top-stitching on top of the embroidery, it *just* skims past it. :happy dance: This Breeze also has 3/4 length sleeves; they were supposed to be bishop sleeves, but they ended up not quite full enough. :shrug: It gives it a more......casual-Friday vibe. :lol:

I'm waiting on my Fabric Mart orders - one was supposed to be here Saturday and the other yesterday, but they were delayed. NOW they are scheduled for tomorrow......these 2 are all linen, and I have *plans*. Emblibrary had a sale this weekend of BOGO.....and I bought a few more files. I just need to match them to the fabric.........:rubs hands in glee: I just have to make sure I pace myself......I over-did it on the Hibiscus shirt, doing the entire thing in 1 day. Yes, 3.5 hours were spent basically baby-sitting the embroidery machine, but I pounded out the shirt in about 1.5 hours. I think.....I should have sewn it up Monday or today instead of doing the whole thing Sunday.

It also doesn't help that we are still playing Battlefront 2 (EA) as family co-op. 2 hours last night.....I...yeah. I am using a controller instead of keyboard and mouse (which means I suck even more, but hey - I'm having fun! And my officer is now level 135!), but I still use the muscles. Ah, well......

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