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I told myself I wasn't going to talk about this again...

but then I ran across of 2 very, very interesting websites. :sigh:

The first website breaks down how much Federal grant money (NON-repayable; basically a free handout) each State gets per case - NOT confirmed, case, just case. In Texas, it's $184,000.

The second is direct from the CDC. It's how much individual providers have received, SO FAR, as "provider relief". I've been reading it.......please explain to me why orthopedic doctors, or CHIROPRACTORS, or gastroenterologists can claim funds. They do not deal with *respiratory* viruses. Which this, supposedly, is - again, coronaviruses are the medical name for *the common cold*. Respiratory.

Follow the money, folks. This has never been about saving us common folk. The death rate has never been as high as the media reported - Canada Health even reported that they inflated their death rate by *50%* per their own website - page 3, specifically. I could understand 10%, maybe 20%, but *50%*????

Once again, I have to ask - if this....."pandemic" really were as deadly and as infectious as the powers that be have been claiming, such that we MUST shut down everything.....WHY are they inflating the numbers??? I know that a few weeks ago, the San Antonio Health Department walked back 3,500 cases that they had overstated.......seriously?

I just.....I can't even.
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