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It's photo time!!!!

Again. Because......well, I've been busy. TOO busy, but that's all on me. :sigh: I.....fell back into the addiction. Yarn fumes are dangerous. :nods:

Why do I say that? Because.....well, here:

cherry socks

cherry socks close up

I started these the minute I finished the hat, and finished them last Friday. Photos were taken Sunday, when the socks were nice and I immediately cast on another pair (this one is textured, so 1 yarn only. Easy-peasy.).....but had to set them down shortly after. I, um.....well, I'm halfway down the leg of #1, and can *feel* it, so......

I started a new hat yesterday, to take the edge off. It's on larger needles.......but.....I need an intervention. :lol:

Anyway. These are the Cherry Dream socks. I've had the pattern for years, even dyed up the yarn and "kitted" it 3 or 4 years ago. I just didn't need cherry socks - but Herself, now - Herself wants to sew up a cherry-themed Lolita dress. So.....she now has socks to go with. :lol:

Pattern was easy. But! I have apparently become a much looser knitter - my normal is to use size 2s.....this pair? Size 2s were HUGE. I went down to size 1.5 - which for color work has NEVER worked for me. Now? They are a wee bit loose - on ME - but work. The plain sock I started? I stuck with the size 1.5s, but reduced the stitch count from 72 (my "normal" for years and years!) to 64.

AND THEY FIT. :gulp:

This opens up more patterns for me, boggles my mind. ALL the other socks in my drawer are size 2s, on 72 stitches for color work, and size 1.5s on 72 stitches for plain/textured. an interesting departure, but I'll roll with it.

I think I'm going to put the socks in time-out, and knock out a few hats. Hats are on larger needles, with fatter yarn........but I don't need a lot of hats. The current one goes in the present box, but.........

Anyone need a hand-knit hat? :seriously: Wool only (but willing to dye up some of my special base yarn - Cashmere/Merino blend - if you need scratch-free. Seriously - there is BUTTER out there that is scratchier than this yarn!), prefer color work (to keep me intrigued)........I am willing. Otherwise I might drown in hats.....:lol:

Yes, this is a serious offer. I have....well. A bit of yarn in the stash. In.....a few colors. And I have......a few patterns. :lol: It'll keep me amused, out of trouble, and help rehabilitate my hand/wrist. I will TRY to knock them out before the holidays, but please remember I'm dealing with recovery here. :smile:

So. Hat, anyone???
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