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So. Thanksgiving was great - Himself did most of the cooking! 3 pies: Pumpkin, Chocolate Cream, and Pecan (YUM! The bourbon was a nice touch....), plus the bird itself. He helped me with the green bean casserole (from scratch; no cream-of-anything soup here!), mashed the potatoes, and shaped the bread. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast....Mom brought the stuffing. It was a good meal!

The kids and I have been slowly cleaning the goat barn - it's been 2 years. :sigh: We're having to remove 20" of packed in's dry, so that's good, but it's pretty solid. We're all getting a good workout! We do about 1 hour/day, 2-3 days/week; we've done about 1/4 so far. It's getting there!

We've also been gathering firewood. It's been COLD recently - 31* yesterday AM! Too cold for me - even Loki has needed a sweater lately. :lol:

I've been busy in the Studio - my contract job is gone, probably for good thanks to the 'fraidy cats. (C'mon, the CDC has all but admitted that flu numbers are the driving force - that's why they are no longer counting flu cases. It doesn't take a genius....add in the fact that NO politician is actually following their own rules......:rolls eyes:)(OH, and don't tell me you actually believe death certificates - they are fudged all the time. FIL died of "COPD" reality it was a heart attack. MIL died of "congestive heart failure". Nope - it was a combination of acute renal failure and an allergic reaction to morphine. DH#1 was homicide; it was first ruled suicide, then changed to accidental. Yes, we have evidence pointing to homicide. I gave up fighting the system when it was changed to accidental. My point is, cause of death isn't always what's on the death certificate. When you add in free money for every Wu-flu case...well, it doesn't take a genius to see what's gong on. Look into the vaccine.....there's evidence that it might cause fertility problems, as well as genetic problems due to the fact that all 3 current ones are chimeras. LOOK IT UP, people! If you're a Believer, check out Revelations.....yup, the masks fit the Mark - it doesn't say that the mark lasts forever. HOWEVER...any vaccine related issues will show up 6+ months after injection. And will last....well, forever. And vaccine companies are immune (sorry!) to lawsuits. IF you have a reaction, too bad, so sad - you have no recourse.)

ANYWAY. I was in a mild panic - yes, G-d will provide. Thing is, *I* have to participate. I was concerned....until I woke up one morning last week *knowing* I needed to put my sewing machine to work. So.....we are adding plushies to the shop. I have 2 nekkid chibi plague doctors ready to be dressed, and 1 more needing stuffing, and 1 more cut out and embroidered. Then 1 Alien Child ready to a bunch of hip holster purses. I need to get over myself, get photos, and get them listed. Wish us luck!

Not much else going on. The Lord has provided us with a full freezer, and I have a buck in with the 4 chosen does. My embroidery machine is humming along nicely - things are good. G-d is Good!
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