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It's Photo catch-up time!

Mainly because, while it's beautiful outside, it's also nippy. I...don't do nippy very well any more - my wrist and ankle don't like nippy. :sigh: Oh, well - at least I've been productive!

This is going to be very picture-heavy - I've been busy! I'll put them under a cut to save my (non-existent) friend's pages. :lol:

These are in no particular order - I just uploaded all my recent projects, in whatever order they came. :shrug:

First pair of mitts made from Hobby Lobby's chunky hand-painted yarn. I think the color way is "Prom Corsage". Pattern is "Reading Mitts" on size 8's. A bit stiff, but warm.

2021 rose mitts

2021 rose mitts top

These are my 2nd pair of mitts made from Hobby Lobby's chunky hand-painted yarn. I....don't think this is "chunky"; it felt more like a slightly heavy worsted. :shrug: These are the "Reading Mitts", knit on size 9's. VERY warm and cushy!

2021 blue mitts

First pair of Hobby Lobby hand painted fingering yarn. The color is Marbled Teal; Pattern is "Sunday Swing". I reviewed the yarn in the last post - these socks are nice and cushy. Standing up to regular use, so far.

2021 HL teal socks closeup

2021 HL teal socks

And here's a bunch of Hobby Lobby's Techno Tribe. The yarn....exploded on the first sock; the 2nd maintained the striping. Herself LOVES them - she calls them her "Galaga Socks". Or "90's Arcade Socks" - she can't make up her mind. :lol:

Here's the pooling:

2021 HL techno sock pool left

2021 HL techno sock pool right

A close up of the pattern - Tessellated Lace Socks.

2021 HL techno socks closeup

A shot of both socks, so you can see the full color way:

2021 HL techno socks left

2021 HL techno socks right

I'm not sure why the photos are sideways.......:huh:

These are the "Token Socks". Colorway is "Narnia", by Mineville Wool Project. Pattern was relatively intuitive. If I do it again, I'll make the leg 1 repeat longer.

2021 token socks

2021 token socks closeup

This pair is from Trekking's been in the stash for at least 5 years. Probably longer. :shrug: Yarn keeps, and because I have a stash, I don't have to worry about economic crashes or job losses. Pattern is "Summer Lovin'", and it was pretty easy to memorize and execute.

2021 trekking sock closeup

2021 trekking socks

I'm currently working my way down the foot of sock #1 of "La Mancha's Giants"......I call them "Tilting at Windmills"; the pattern is inspired by - you guessed it! - Don Quixote. I started them late Saturday evening.....I'm on track to finishing it either tonight or tomorrow - it's going that quickly! Photos later - I need to get back to knitting! (And I took a few hours off yesterday - I had to get our taxes started. Soon as I get my 1099s, they'll be done.)
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