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We are OK. We never lost power, or water - our hot water heater froze Monday evening/Tuesday morning, but Herself dry-fired her kiln (to cone 5, for those that know these things) and it thawed it out. We did lose internet Sunday, and it was intermittent up to yesterday. Yes, we are Blessed, Thank G-d!

Here's the thing I don't understand......while we mostly have mild winters, ice storms and sub-zero temps are not unheard of. Our grid is separate from the rest of the US (the more you know....), and it is set up to handle streaks of 100+ summer days.

So...why, then, did this shut our grid *down*???? Because......the normal excuses don't wash. Normally, the excuse for rolling black/brown outs is because the grid is stressed under more load......only.....:deep breath:

In previous cold snaps, the strain on the grid was blamed on "more people are home, drawing power"...which is BS. Ignoring the plandemic - because people have been working from home for a year, now, leaving corporate offices closed (and thereby NOT drawing excess power!) - most people don't drop their thermostats in the winter when they leave the house. So......there's NO excess power being drawn to keep their homes at a steady temp. :scratches head: (They try this excuse in the Summer, too, when we hit 100+ - I still have a problem buying that, because.......Texas. This is normal for our Summers - and, again, I don't know anyone that actually changes their thermostat drastically when they leave their homes. Pull the other one....)

Also.....the water issue. I've been told ALL MY LIFE that when cold hits, you need to keep your faucets dripping. This time? We're being told to NOT let them drip......and the water companies are shutting off water. Um. Either we need to drip water to keep the lines from freezing, or we don't. It can't be drip one year, and magically NOT drip the next. That's not how it works!

I live on a farm. We have lost the outside water line - I heard it explode Saturday evening (the pipes were empty, because we drain them year-round, just because) but it was a 19 year old PVC pipe, that is exposed. (hmmmm.... I think the husband was the last to use it - he isn't in the habit of actually draining the lines like the rest of us are. :sigh:) We're hauling water...but the buried water lines are still intact. I don't understand how city water - in underground lines - would be affected......since I assume those lines are below the frost line (about 36"), and should be stouter than my cheap PVC lines. There shouldn't be any "extra strain" on the system, because, AGAIN, people have been working from home for the past YEAR. The system should already have been adjusted.

And since the water companies turned OFF the water with very little warning, people didn't have time (or the forethought) to drain their lines......which is what I am assuming is causing the broken pipe issues I'm seeing online. And.....if our rinky-dink little water supply company can manage to keep the water on, SURELY the big city water suppliers can, as well. (I have issues with our water company, but this isn't one of them. They have kept the water flowing here, and I am very thankful for it.)

I honestly don't know what to think. I'm trying to stay away from politics or conspiracy theories, but it's kinda hard when we're having all these problems, but OK, KS, etc seem to be doing OK. It makes no sense........and my BS meter is pegged.

:sigh: It's just odd. I have no problems with the stores being under-stocked, because I wouldn't want to drive an 18-wheeler on our un-treated, icy roads. (What? This is Texas - we get, maybe, 3 ice days/year. We don't have the infrastructure for treating icy roads, at least not in the rural areas. Heat, now - heat we can deal with. Ice? Causes us to lose our ever-loving minds and hunker down at home. :lol:)

Anyway. Our little slice of land is OK. Cold, but we have acres and acres of deadwood that I have been collecting for the wood stove. The stream is iced, but running deep. The ponds...I haven't checked. Probably one is an ice ring; the other is spring-fed and should be running under the ice. I need to head out soon and try to shop for Mom - hopefully the stores have pet food and milk!
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