Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

May Roundup

:whew!: It has been a very very WET month! I didn't realize that we now had monsoon season......but, we do. So, not much time spent tearing down the barn due to weather. I did, however, get a bit accomplished!

1. Cyn's brother moved house. He called her, and said "Hey. I have 5 boxes of fabric. Think Fiber would want it?" She said "Yes. If she can't use it, I'll have her donate it!" The she called me.

A few weeks later (see: Rain, above) he deliver *10* boxes to her house; we went a picked it up a few days later (See: Rain, above, again). I have been slowly going thru it, washing what I can use/plan to use, and reboxing what I won't/can't. It's......vintage. About 1/2 wovens/ 1/2 knits (most are the ~wonderful~ late '60s/early 70s double knits :wrinkles nose:). So far, I have made myself 1 pair of StyleArc Ethel pants, 4 pairs of StyleArc Emma Shorts, Mom 1 pair of Emma shorts, and Himself 1 pair of boxers from the woven offerings. I have a HUGE pile of stuff for Herself, a smaller pile for bags/utility items, 3 pieces of yardage for Himself (at least 1 shirt-length), and a small pile for me. I have 2 pieces of a nice *knit* for a dress for me - I think it wants to be a StyleArc Kim. We'll see - knits intimidate me. :lol:

2. Sewing! I have been busy. Besides the aforementioned items, I knocked out 4 StyleArc (hmmmmmm, I'm beginning to see a theme here!) Clementine tops (2 me/2 Mom; 3 of those were embroidered!), 3 pairs of boxers for Himself, 4 more bras (2 for Herself, 1 for Mom, 1 for me) and.....2 StyleArc Melody tops (me, embroidered). Plus a few bags. Oh! Also 4 pairs of StyleArc Ethel pants - 3 for me, 1 for Mom. I need to make a few more for her......

3. Herself made another dress! This one is lobsters, with a sailor collar. Same pattern as her bat dress, but a bit....toned down/casual. She's got plans for more- which is good. Lolita fashion isn't cheap (even "cheap" brands like Bodyline are $40+......for just the dress. You need accessories to have a full co-ord, which, of course, adds to the price. Fabric for the dresses least $40, even on sale, but it's better quality, will actually *fit* my tall, leggy girl, and will have enough scraps to make matching accessories - the total cost *is* cheaper.

4. Husband is still out of work. He's managed 20 the 2+ months. :rolls eyes: No, he's not seriously looking. Yes, I am pissed. He has emptied MY savings account (I was stupid. I fell for the guilt trip. No more.) so I have to come up with $5k by December to pay the property taxes (he claims he'll repay it, but honestly? At $600/week he barely had enough to pay HIS bills (not ours - HIS), so how, pray tell, does he plan on repaying me $3,800 by December, when he's not working, has no prospects, and isn't seriously looking? :bangs head:

4a. I haven't seen a job I can do with my wrist/leg. I can't stand for long periods of time, and keypunching is nigh impossible. :sigh: Plus - I will NOT leave Herself alone with him. He has made it plain that he doesn't like her, to the point that both kids noticed. May I remind you both kids are Autistic? And bad with social cues? If THEY noticed.....yeah. Not leaving her alone to be verbally abused. :big sigh:

4b. I do have some nice saddles to sell, and some collectables. Not $5k worth, but it'll help. We've revamped the shop, and I'm working on sewing up more things to go in it, so.....:shrug: At least I'm trying. /no more belly-aching

5. We lost another goose. :sob: Herself forgot to lock them up one the kids and I remind each other to check on them at bed time. The 4 remaining geese are silly, loud, and obnoxious - which is fun to watch.

6. Himself made a pair of pants! Mostly by himself! He's avoided the Studio ever since, but I have hopes....:lol:

I think that just about brings us up to date. I need to try and do a photo dump, but no promises.
Tags: blather, kids, sewing

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