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July Update

I seem to be on a once-a-month update schedule here.......:shrug: Works for me. We got quite a bit done this month - mostly sewing. I have filled most of the holes in my wardrobe, and am now working on Mom's. Herself is slowly filling her closet - I think I've created a monster! :lol:

Let's start with Herself's new clothes, shall we?

First up, the Lobster dress:

Lobster dress

This was her 2nd dress, her first BY HERSELF. She bought the collar pattern off of Etsy.....the blouse is the only thing she didn't make herself.

She then tackled the "Little Betty" dress by Tea & Treadle. Yes, I am naming names. This NOT well-written. Steps are confusing, and the underskirt instructions are wrong. (This is the same vendor we attempted before - that dress is still wadded up, because the yoke does NOT fit in the bodice. It's 2" too tall.)

This is the dress-from-Hell. It took both of us to figure out what we were supposed to do, and honestly? We ended up winging a lot of it. The resulting dress is cute, but......yeah, we're not buying from her again.

Plaid dress front

Plaid dress back

plaid tam

I pulled out a tam pattern for her; I think it makes the outfit. :lol:

This one she JUST finished (it gets its first bath today!). It's a mash-up of the Simplicity pattern she's been using, and the McCall's "Mannequin" pattern. I think it turned out beautifully!

Black dress front

black dress back

She's going to work on a matching bonnet for it today.

Now, moving on to my sewing....:lol: I bought some fabric from FabricMart, and went to town:

Hawaiian shirtdress front

Hawaiian shirtdress back

This is the Vintage Shirtdress from Sew Over It. I had enough fabric left over that I made a Libby Shirt (also from SOI)

Hawaiian shirt fron

Hawaiian shirt back

Because I was on a roll, I made Mom a Vintage Shirtdress, too, from some gingham she had dropped off:

Gingham shirtdress front

(no back photo...but ehh. It's the same as mine, but gingham. :lol:) I DID put buttons on it - I forgot to snap a photo after it was finished; this was an in-progress shot for Mom.

I then decided to try StyleArc's Vivienne dress:

SA Vivienne butterfly front

(front is for Mom; the back is mine. I...don't know why only have one side of each, but.....:shrugs:

SA Vivienne lemon dress back

This is an interesting pattern - there are no side seams. It's.....different. Comfy, but...I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I then tackled the StyleArc Montana dress.

Poplin dress front

Poplin dress back

It's...OK. I'd like more swish in the skirt, but it works. I have enough fabric left for something - maybe another Vintage Shirtdress? I dunno.....

And, last up is a "work" shirt I whipped up. I, um....made the design decision that the embroidery looked better on the wrong side of the fabric (IOW, I screwed up when I hooped the fabric. :rofl:)

Cherries top

I went back and added some waist ties to the Montana, and also to the Nova and Clementine dresses from last month. It pulls in the waist just enough to give it a bit of shape. Also, none of these dresses have pockets :gasp!: because the fabric just isn't hefty enough to support them. I want wearables, so having unusable pockets makes no sense.

I need to make a few more simple woven tees, then I should be good. I need to start on pants for Himself.....I have the fabric, just need to sit down and sew.
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