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Just FYI

So, the FDA has approved Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine. This is NOT the one currently being administered (that one is Biotech), but it doesn’t matter.

According to laws on the books, Pfizer's full authorization should void all emergency use authorization for other vaccines, since a fully authorized alternative now exists. Emergency use authorization can only be given when no safe and effective alternative exists. Since Pfizer's COMIRNATY has been deemed safe and effective, it is now illegal to administer any other vaccine that has not. BUT! The FDA's approval of COMIRNATY is itself illegal, since it did not follow statutory requirements for a finding of full approval, including the completion of trials. Stage three of the trials has not even begun yet, and stage two was compromised by lack of control groups. In addition, the proper panels were not convened to study evidence: they could not have been convened since the evidence is not in.

So, ANY mandate (which isn’t a law, and can NOT be legally enforced) is non-binding. Any attempts to force someone to get jabbed are illegal.

I and my kids are not going to get the non-vaccine. They STILL have not isolated the virus, which means these jabs aren vaccines (yes, they changed the definition of vaccine to now include genetic manipulation. Changing online dictionaries doesn’t change the real, traditional and scientific definition. I prefer to be part of the control group, instead of being part of an uncompensated medical trial. YMMV.
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