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Previous Entry Back at work... Aug. 24th, 2005 @ 06:37 pm Next Entry
today, and I think I should have just stayed in bed.

The grands took the kids to the daycare, so I could head on into work a little early. I didn't take the decongestant this AM, because it knocks me right out, so I checked 4 times that I had it with me.

The daycare lady called me - Himself was upset that Grannie was going home, so he lambasted one of the 3.5 year old girls (she's a bit spoiled, and had pushed him aside and stomped the bug he was told to stomp. No excuse, but I understand the feelings!) *sigh*

Got to work, took my pill, and promptly got fuzzy. It's very hard to write up revenue checks when your brain is fuddled and your eyes want to drift close. And, revenue was all we had to do today. *sigh*

Boss's wife called, said "OH, you're back! Aren't you still contagious??" - this, after chewing co-worker out yesterday because I stayed home. I can't win!

By lunch, I was dead tired. Finished all but 2 of the checks - I saved the biggest ones so I can do them tomorrow, hopefully I'll be a little more alert.

My mother came by, picked up the kids, and fixed dinner. It was nice. Now, all I have to do is stuff the kids into the tub, force them into bed, and crash. Sounds lovely!
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