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My children are *aliens*

why? Because they are currently *fighting* over who gets to Mop the Filthy Floor. Serious bickering going on here - punches have even been launched over this!

I had NO idea that mopping was such a cool thing to do!

I'm not complaining - I have been in the studio for the past few hours (and over the past few evenings, as well) getting it organized so I can go in and work on my loom. I have the itch to finish warping the blasted thing so I can WEAVE (whatta concept, huh? To actually Weave on a Loom, instead of using it as a conversation piece...)

My yarn stash is now neatly stowed in wooden crates (2 for $12 at JoAnn's) in the wire cubes (before, they were just in the cubes, and I kept expecting an avalanche. Really.....I have more yarn than I know what to do with...) The wool that was piled up in front of the pie safe is now neatly stuffed *in* the pie safe; the Ashford Joy is neatly stowed next to the bookcase under the warping board.

Thursday I assembled the new buffet-type thing that replaced the 2 Sterilite 3-drawer chests. I am amazed that I fit the contents of *6* large drawers into *2* drawers and a glass shelf. Seriously...I have more space now. The bookcase has been neatly organized. The inkle loom is now on the top of the 2 cubes that the coned yarn are stored in. The floor.....has been VACUUMED. (Don't faint, 'k?) I expect the kids to fight over who gets to mop in there next!

I am at the point I feel that I can work in there now. That's the plan for tomorrow - finish threading the loom, wind the warp, and *hopefully* start weaving off my dishtowels. Wish me luck!!
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