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Well, I did it. I really did it this time......I just spent a shitload of money. I needed to - there's no doubt and no question about that, but *still*....

I just bought.......a Dyson vacuum. No, not a red one , but still. Lots of money. I'm still in a slight state of shock. And, the kicker - I went cheap and bought a factory refurb. Yes, I thought a lot about it. Since my dogs tend to clog up vacuums at an alarming rate, I couldn't see spending full price on one...and this is still cheaper then the Hoover I killed (within 6 months, ass american crap!)

This was not a spur of the moment decision. I had decided, oh, about a year ago, that I wanted to buy a Dyson. I've seen a lot of good, positive reviews about them, and when they became available stateside, I began to lust after one (it's a pretty sad state of affairs when you lust after a non-red vacuum!) But, I couldn't justify the expense.

Until now....I gave my mother the Hoover. It still works, and works well, but......I would vacuum maybe 1/2 of the entry hall and have to stop and unclog the rollers. Or empty the canister because it would quit sucking. She likes it - and with only 1 cat, it should work wonderfully for her.

Normally, I don't spend that kind of money on something for myself, especially if I can get a like-item for less. (Spinning wheels do NOT count - AA is the only wheelwright I will hand money over to, and will remain so for the rest of his lifetime. ) I can sort of justify this - Himself has severe asthma, I have a rather large fiber collection (not a stash, no, not me; it's just a collection, not even a large one, I'd say more of a medium-smallish one, honest!) and the aforementioned extremely hairy dogs. Dyson has a very good following....and my experience with Hoovers and such finally pushed me over the edge (well, that and the fact that I am tired of eternally *sweeping* this damn house! I love my house, but it's all laminates, and they show every speck of dust and dirt. Carpet hides a lot of sins....)

So, yippee! I have a new vacuum. We'll see how it works....
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