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Whee! Random mutterings to follow:

Penzey's Dallas is OPEN!!! 12835 Preston Road, for those of ya'll that wanna go visit the shrine of spicey good taste. *g*

I'm about 1" away from the toe decreases......this sock is radioactive-looking. Seriously - people will be able to see me coming a mile away, it's that bright.

Weaving is happening. I am back in my bliss now. I think I've finally got the tie-up pretty much figured out - the sheds are large-ish, and clean, the warp is nice and tight, and my selvedges look good. Dishtowel #1 is 1/2 done...and I'm just cruising right along.

But, the real reason I'm doing the happy dance right now? I scored big last night (it was our monthly choir practice) at the church's pre-garage sale browsing. (Our church has a *huge* garage sale each September. Lots of stuff, cheap cheap cheap's a bargain hunter's dream. Church members can browse as the stuff is coming in.) I got a 1950s-ish White sewing machine (it must weigh 40 pounds), with a bunch of attachments, that Works, for...........$20. It's an interesting green color, but looks to be in good shape, the former owner says it works, and it's all metal so I won't be able to easily break it. :hangs head:

Now, if only AA would ship my new wheel..........

ETA: 10:55 AM - the sock is finished, except for kitchenering the toe. I stupidly left my darning egg and needle on the table...the needle I could replace at JoAnn's at lunch, but I don't like to graft without the darning egg. Ahh, well - I'll close the toe at home tonight.

I've already CO for #2...
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