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OK, OK, I GET it!

Pics will be happening, but not today. :sigh: I *took* pics last night - I had radioactive sock #1 neatly posed on the soft oak loom bench, with all the lights focused on it (so you'd get the full effect), shooed the dogs away, removed the leftover yarn from Zoey (who was trying to kill it again), went back in the studio, repositioned the sock (Himself was playing on the loom) and snapped 2 pics.

My camera told me it needed to recharge, so I lovingly set it up on the bar, where I couldn't possibly miss it this AM, plugged it in, got out the case and placed it in the middle of my keyboard, and went about my evening.

This AM, I nudged the case out of the way so I could check e-mail, mentally reminded myself to get the camera......and walked out without it.

Normally, I would have gone back and gotten it...but the Equine Lawn Care Crew is out in force right now. (They work cheap, and do a fairly good job - I just need to brush up on my Equinish. They can't quite wrap their brains around "please WEED around the rosebushes, but don't TOUCH the Roses." They seem to hear "Please weed, don't roses".) :sigh:

Add the fact that all of a sudden the gate is the coolest thing since baled hay. They simply can't ignore the fact that there's! a! gate! And it! Opens! And you can stand in front of the car and block traffic for Hours! And it irritates the human! But you get head scratches out of it! And if you're fast, you can get whacked in the rump as the gate is closing (and the human frantically jumps out of the car and can be mobbed for pets and scritches while it's swinging shut). And the horn is neat - you can neigh back at it and have rollicking conversations in the middle of the night.

So, I will *try* to upload pics tonight when I get home. Provided the Zoey-monster doesn't eat the camera today to protect the innocent eyes of the internets.

In other news, I'm 1/2 done with dishtowel #1. There's a tiny tension problem in the middle of the warp (but I think I fixed it with extra warp sticks..we'll see tonight) but all in all it looks good. I need new dishtowels.....
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