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because Daycare Lady called - she wants/needs me to demo at her church tonight. (Catholic) They are discussing Joseph's coat, and the kids (who have, after all, been raised in a world where Thrall-mart rules) don't understand *why* such a fuss was made over a simple coat. She wants me to show them how "difficult" (??? hahahahahahahahahahahaha) it is to go from fiber to fabric.

So, when we get home, after I toss food at the kidlets/horses/dogs, I get to load up the table loom, Ashford Joy, handcards, spindle (I think I'll take my AA "primitive" spindle ), current knitting, and some woven something or other.

I really need to get cracking and make myself a hand-dyed, hand-woven shirt to wear to these things. It'd be simple enough, and fast to weave...I just haven't done it. I'll put that on the list for my next warp....Heritage Yarns has some awesome painted warps for sale...hmmmmmmm.

At least I can bring the radioactive socks along...*g*

I promise I will *try* to post pics tomorrow, but I'm on dinky dial-up. I will do my best, though!
Tags: blather, knitting, spinning, weaving

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