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Just FYI

So, the FDA has approved Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine. This is NOT the one currently being administered (that one is Biotech), but it doesn’t matter.

According to laws on the books, Pfizer's full authorization should void all emergency use authorization for other vaccines, since a fully authorized alternative now exists. Emergency use authorization can only be given when no safe and effective alternative exists. Since Pfizer's COMIRNATY has been deemed safe and effective, it is now illegal to administer any other vaccine that has not. BUT! The FDA's approval of COMIRNATY is itself illegal, since it did not follow statutory requirements for a finding of full approval, including the completion of trials. Stage three of the trials has not even begun yet, and stage two was compromised by lack of control groups. In addition, the proper panels were not convened to study evidence: they could not have been convened since the evidence is not in.

So, ANY mandate (which isn’t a law, and can NOT be legally enforced) is non-binding. Any attempts to force someone to get jabbed are illegal.

I and my kids are not going to get the non-vaccine. They STILL have not isolated the virus, which means these jabs aren vaccines (yes, they changed the definition of vaccine to now include genetic manipulation. Changing online dictionaries doesn’t change the real, traditional and scientific definition. I prefer to be part of the control group, instead of being part of an uncompensated medical trial. YMMV.
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July Update

I seem to be on a once-a-month update schedule here.......:shrug: Works for me. We got quite a bit done this month - mostly sewing. I have filled most of the holes in my wardrobe, and am now working on Mom's. Herself is slowly filling her closet - I think I've created a monster! :lol:

Let's start with Herself's new clothes, shall we?

First up, the Lobster dress:

Lobster dress

This was her 2nd dress, her first BY HERSELF. She bought the collar pattern off of Etsy.....the blouse is the only thing she didn't make herself.

She then tackled the "Little Betty" dress by Tea & Treadle. Yes, I am naming names. This NOT well-written. Steps are confusing, and the underskirt instructions are wrong. (This is the same vendor we attempted before - that dress is still wadded up, because the yoke does NOT fit in the bodice. It's 2" too tall.)

This is the dress-from-Hell. It took both of us to figure out what we were supposed to do, and honestly? We ended up winging a lot of it. The resulting dress is cute, but......yeah, we're not buying from her again.

Plaid dress front

Plaid dress back

plaid tam

I pulled out a tam pattern for her; I think it makes the outfit. :lol:

This one she JUST finished (it gets its first bath today!). It's a mash-up of the Simplicity pattern she's been using, and the McCall's "Mannequin" pattern. I think it turned out beautifully!

Black dress front

black dress back

She's going to work on a matching bonnet for it today.

Now, moving on to my sewing....:lol: I bought some fabric from FabricMart, and went to town:

Hawaiian shirtdress front

Hawaiian shirtdress back

This is the Vintage Shirtdress from Sew Over It. I had enough fabric left over that I made a Libby Shirt (also from SOI)

Hawaiian shirt fron

Hawaiian shirt back

Because I was on a roll, I made Mom a Vintage Shirtdress, too, from some gingham she had dropped off:

Gingham shirtdress front

(no back photo...but ehh. It's the same as mine, but gingham. :lol:) I DID put buttons on it - I forgot to snap a photo after it was finished; this was an in-progress shot for Mom.

I then decided to try StyleArc's Vivienne dress:

SA Vivienne butterfly front

(front is for Mom; the back is mine. I...don't know why only have one side of each, but.....:shrugs:

SA Vivienne lemon dress back

This is an interesting pattern - there are no side seams. It's.....different. Comfy, but...I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I then tackled the StyleArc Montana dress.

Poplin dress front

Poplin dress back

It's...OK. I'd like more swish in the skirt, but it works. I have enough fabric left for something - maybe another Vintage Shirtdress? I dunno.....

And, last up is a "work" shirt I whipped up. I, um....made the design decision that the embroidery looked better on the wrong side of the fabric (IOW, I screwed up when I hooped the fabric. :rofl:)

Cherries top

I went back and added some waist ties to the Montana, and also to the Nova and Clementine dresses from last month. It pulls in the waist just enough to give it a bit of shape. Also, none of these dresses have pockets :gasp!: because the fabric just isn't hefty enough to support them. I want wearables, so having unusable pockets makes no sense.

I need to make a few more simple woven tees, then I should be good. I need to start on pants for Himself.....I have the fabric, just need to sit down and sew.
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June Recap and Photo catch-up

Because I've been a busy little Fiberaddict. :lol: I can't remember when I actually sewed up some of these, so I'll just post them. I do remember the order, so.....:rofl:

Anyway. Barn destruction still on-going. We have the office/tack room almost finished - 6 more floorboards to go. The plan is to then move to the roof...we'll see....

Because the husband got a job! Praise God! With the warehouse. He claims to not know/not believe the reports of worker treatment.....and he thinks this will give him an "in" if an IT position opens up. I've tried to tell him that the job market is MUCH different than he realizes....but he told me I'm stupid and don't know what I'm talking about. :sigh: Oh, well - he can't say he wasn't warned........(the kids and I have a betting pool going. Herself thinks he'll last 2 weeks, Himself gives him 6. Me? He'll last a few months, at least, just to show me how wrong I was. :bangs head:)

Moving on to more...pleasant things:

Knitting! I FINALLY finished my....April? socks! May I present the Lotus socks, by Kulabra Designs:

Lotus socks front

Lotus Socks side

Yarn is Franklin Natural from Webs that I dyed up in Avocado and Lilac. I LOVE this pattern - it has haunted me ever since I first saw it; I just didn't get around to knitting it until now. The pattern is (what I assume to be) typical of Russian designs - it's the charts, only. The knitter needs to know the basics, and be able to plug the chart into the item.

I have started another pair - this one a basic Monkey - but have only made it halfway down the foot of sock #1. I've been sewing instead of knitting...

Sewing! LOTS going on here. We started last month with StyleArc's Clementine blouse. I made the first one for Mom:

Clementine Butterfly top front

Once I knew it fit both her AND me (our measurements are pretty close!), I grabbed my white linen and embroidered 2 more, 1 for me:

Clementine Ivy top back

Clementine Ivy top front

and 1 for her:

Clementine Roses top back

Clementine Roses top front

then I grabbed some Rayon and did another for me:

Clementine Hibiscus top front

(for some reason the back of this one didn't show up....hmmmm. Oh, well - you get the gist! Same flowers, only in pairs - 1 at each corner)

Still in an embroidery mood, I dug thru the stash and found some blue became a StyleArc Melody:

Melody Koi top back

Melody Koi top front

Melody koy top closeup

While digging, I found some handkerchief-weight linen, so I decided I needed another Melody, but this time Celtic:

Melody Celtic top front

At this point, I figured I had plenty of tops, so I started to fill in the hole in my pants drawer. I didn't get photos of all of them, but...oh, well. I started with the much-needed StyleArc Emma shorts. I have 5 pair: blue, green/white plaid, natural, denim and pink, but only got a photo of the pink pair:

Emma shorts pink

I then made up 3 pairs of StyleArc's Ethel Designer pants: Denim, Brown, and Green (the green is green/black iridescent, which is very hard to photograph)

Ethel green pants

The next items....well. Last year, since I was sitting a home so much, I spent a lot of time evaluating my wardrobe. I decided that I need to totally revamp it - graphic t-shirts just weren't "me" any more (I kept all of them......some day I'll turn them into a quilt.) Menopause has done a number on my weight is almost the same, but the distribution.....knit tops aren't flattering. At All. :sigh: So.....even though I am not a dresses-girl, I realized I really NEEDED a few in my wardrobe, for the hot, hot Summer days (this year, it's been a HOT Spring....:sigh:) It's been hot enough that I don't want ANYTHING around my waist....and it's only going to get hotter. Loose dresses that only touch at the shoulders/bust sound SO nice.....

I started with the Clementine dress. Since the pattern is set up for a VERY dropped waist (the waist sits at the fullest part of my hips - NOT a good look!) I chopped 4 inches off the hem of the top before adding the skirt. The fabric is Rayon I got with the Cashmerette Harrison Shirtdress kit I ordered on launch (before realizing that the payoff (the finished dress) wasn't - to me - worth all those princess seams. Live and Learn!

Clementine dress back

Clementine Dress closeup

Clementine Dress front

I like the dress....but. It feels too '80s for me, so for the next one I did a StyleArc Nova dress in a cotton I got from Supreme Fabrics before it got hit by a tornado (in 2017....I tend to let fabric age a bit. :lol:)

Nova dress back

Nova Dress Front

I sewed it up as designed, except I made a much deeper hem - 2" instead of 5/8" (I'm 5'4" if I stretch. StyleArc designs for 5'6". I didn't want an ankle-length dress.) it, but.......the bodice is a bit......boxy. I thought I was done...but Herself needed to go to Hobby Lobby. While she was browsing, I hit the 50% off fabric...and this lovely cotton fabric jumped into my cart. It feels a lot like lawn.......

This time, I used the Clementine bodice (but hacked 6" off the hem to bring it to the Nova's length) with the Nova's tiered skirts. We won't discuss the screw-ups (i ended up piecing 2 of the tiers because I can't read, apparently), but I LOVE the finished dress:

Clementine Orange Dress back

Clementine Orange dress front

I have 2 more lengths of fabric that I think need to become maxi/midi dresses - one is lawn, one is poplin shirting. I just need to get over the fact that *I* want to wear dresses first. :lol: StyleArc seems to design a lot of......loose fitting dresses, which works for me, even though they feel a to put this.....frumpy? I mean.....I don't *feel* frumpy/stodgy/old-ladyish when I wear them, so that's a plus, but they *look*.....:sigh: I think I'm going to make some clips for the backs, to pull in the waist just a titch to give them a little more shaping. (2 alligator-type clips, connected by self-fabric covered elastic. 1 clip on each side seam, and voila! Shaping!)

I have the StyleArc Bob pants to sew up (similar to the Ethel, but longer) - and yes, StyleArc is my new favorite pattern company. Their patterns fit right out of the box, and right now that's what I need. The directions are sparse - but honestly? I prefer that. I HATE patterns that want to hold my hand the whole way - maybe I have my own preferred way of doing sleeves, so don't tell me I have to do it your way. And please, let's stop with the 20 pages of pictorial directions, with photographs of EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. Really, I know how to press a seam - you don't have to show me. Every seam. Really!

Herself has made 2 lolita dresses, but I'll save those for later. This post is long enough. :lol:
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May Roundup

:whew!: It has been a very very WET month! I didn't realize that we now had monsoon season......but, we do. So, not much time spent tearing down the barn due to weather. I did, however, get a bit accomplished!

1. Cyn's brother moved house. He called her, and said "Hey. I have 5 boxes of fabric. Think Fiber would want it?" She said "Yes. If she can't use it, I'll have her donate it!" The she called me.

A few weeks later (see: Rain, above) he deliver *10* boxes to her house; we went a picked it up a few days later (See: Rain, above, again). I have been slowly going thru it, washing what I can use/plan to use, and reboxing what I won't/can't. It's......vintage. About 1/2 wovens/ 1/2 knits (most are the ~wonderful~ late '60s/early 70s double knits :wrinkles nose:). So far, I have made myself 1 pair of StyleArc Ethel pants, 4 pairs of StyleArc Emma Shorts, Mom 1 pair of Emma shorts, and Himself 1 pair of boxers from the woven offerings. I have a HUGE pile of stuff for Herself, a smaller pile for bags/utility items, 3 pieces of yardage for Himself (at least 1 shirt-length), and a small pile for me. I have 2 pieces of a nice *knit* for a dress for me - I think it wants to be a StyleArc Kim. We'll see - knits intimidate me. :lol:

2. Sewing! I have been busy. Besides the aforementioned items, I knocked out 4 StyleArc (hmmmmmm, I'm beginning to see a theme here!) Clementine tops (2 me/2 Mom; 3 of those were embroidered!), 3 pairs of boxers for Himself, 4 more bras (2 for Herself, 1 for Mom, 1 for me) and.....2 StyleArc Melody tops (me, embroidered). Plus a few bags. Oh! Also 4 pairs of StyleArc Ethel pants - 3 for me, 1 for Mom. I need to make a few more for her......

3. Herself made another dress! This one is lobsters, with a sailor collar. Same pattern as her bat dress, but a bit....toned down/casual. She's got plans for more- which is good. Lolita fashion isn't cheap (even "cheap" brands like Bodyline are $40+......for just the dress. You need accessories to have a full co-ord, which, of course, adds to the price. Fabric for the dresses least $40, even on sale, but it's better quality, will actually *fit* my tall, leggy girl, and will have enough scraps to make matching accessories - the total cost *is* cheaper.

4. Husband is still out of work. He's managed 20 the 2+ months. :rolls eyes: No, he's not seriously looking. Yes, I am pissed. He has emptied MY savings account (I was stupid. I fell for the guilt trip. No more.) so I have to come up with $5k by December to pay the property taxes (he claims he'll repay it, but honestly? At $600/week he barely had enough to pay HIS bills (not ours - HIS), so how, pray tell, does he plan on repaying me $3,800 by December, when he's not working, has no prospects, and isn't seriously looking? :bangs head:

4a. I haven't seen a job I can do with my wrist/leg. I can't stand for long periods of time, and keypunching is nigh impossible. :sigh: Plus - I will NOT leave Herself alone with him. He has made it plain that he doesn't like her, to the point that both kids noticed. May I remind you both kids are Autistic? And bad with social cues? If THEY noticed.....yeah. Not leaving her alone to be verbally abused. :big sigh:

4b. I do have some nice saddles to sell, and some collectables. Not $5k worth, but it'll help. We've revamped the shop, and I'm working on sewing up more things to go in it, so.....:shrug: At least I'm trying. /no more belly-aching

5. We lost another goose. :sob: Herself forgot to lock them up one the kids and I remind each other to check on them at bed time. The 4 remaining geese are silly, loud, and obnoxious - which is fun to watch.

6. Himself made a pair of pants! Mostly by himself! He's avoided the Studio ever since, but I have hopes....:lol:

I think that just about brings us up to date. I need to try and do a photo dump, but no promises.
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April Showers bring...

May thunderstorms. Or something like that. :lol:

No photos this month, because my April socks consist of one (1) sock and a partial leg. :sigh: I have a GOOD reason, though! We are demolishing a barn 2 towns over - the owner posted an ad on CraigsList for free tin. Since I have goats that think barn destruction is a sport.......yeah. I NEED tin. (Plus I need a Honk Hotel...the geese aren't getting any smaller!) (Although we did lose 1 to the dreaded bobcat. :sigh: The fledgling area is now wired on top, and I left a present for the cat in it's feeding area. I have NO remorse - my neighbor reported that his neighbor got cornered on her porch by the bloody thing, so....yeah.)

Anyway. A 30' x 60' barn, built in the 1930s or '40s. I've gotten enough tin so far to rebuild the "love shack" (the breeding shed) - which is now a small pile of rubble - and the buck barn. Maybe enough to rebuild the hay barn (both buck and hay barns are going to be moved; the current spot will become the Goose Garden. :lol:). I *think* I have enough for the hay barn, too - but there's still a lot to pull down. Fun, but exhausting times!

I haven't spent my down time just sitting, though. I just finished bra #6 for me; with the 3 I've done for Herself - wait, 4; the first didn't fit AT ALL - and the 1 for Mom, that makes 11 bras in 2 weeks. :blink: We all need them, though.....

IF you want to start sewing your own, take my advice - buy a kit for the first 1 or 2, to figure out the fabrics, then get thee to Fabric Depot post haste. I picked up a value pack of their medium-to-heavy weight powernet ($35; there's $90 worth of fabric!)(granted, you get a mix of colors - I finally have NON-white bras! :lol:), a yard of tricot, and....something else, for about $100. They also have great prices on elastics (by-the-yard) and rings and sliders. If you don't mind Aliexpress, you can get a 50 pack of closures for $15-ish - since most kits run about $30, you'll be saving a TON.

Also, I found out that the finding kits I have can be dyed with my wool acid dyes (even the rings and sliders!). :lol: I have PLANS, y'all! (I already made a Valentine's bra (red findings, white cups, red lace, white frame and back)and I just finished a Tuxedo bra (black frame and back (value pack), white cups and lace and findings)...and I have a Chocolate and Cherries set almost ready to sew (brown powernet (from the value pack), red cups, red lace and red findings). The tricot cups and lace dye pastel with acid dyes, but Rit now has "dye everything" bottles that, well, dye everything. :lol: I hate Rit, but......a little goes a long way.

The husband was laid off mid-March, so I've been dealing with a grumpy jerk (sorry not sorry) for the past 6 weeks. The barn demolition is helping....sorta...but STILL. :sigh: Himself is trying to balance the scales by being super-guy; he's been baking more, and he's about to build me a firewood rack. (He helped knock the love shack down, and helped me run fence for the does Sunday. If it would quit raining for more than a day or 2, we'd be working on the new and improved love shack.....:big sigh:)

I need to rest my wrist - I kinda overdid it today. I *really* wanted to get that blasted bra finished......the lace was a pain. Basting spray is wonderful, but.....:sigh:
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March Madness....and a little April, as well

:whew!: It's been a bit busy around here.......LOTS going on. Let's dive in, shall we?

We started March the usual way - by picking up a load of chicks. We started with 20; lost 2 the first few days. That's normal....actually, it's better than usual. Day-old chicks spend their time looking for ways to die. :sigh: Any way, we have 9 Sapphire Queens, 4 Silver-laced Wyandottes, and 5 Cinnamon..something or other. They've grown quickly, and we are planning on moving them out today/tomorrow.

As well as the......geese. Um, yeah - the feed store got in 16 goslings, ended up with 6.


They're cute, but BOY HOWDY are they MESSY. And huge, comparatively speaking. So far, they are sweet...we'll see how long that lasts. :lol:

This explains last weekend's project - I built (with a little help from the husband) a fledgling hut. We'd been using dog crates, but.....they were not going to hold 24 birds. One of the mobile homes down the street has been sold to a flipper; the rehabbers told me I could rummage thru their trash pile if I wanted. I scored some skirting (tin!) and 2x4s.....after a quick trip to pick up some used pallets, I was set. It took all day Saturday, and a couple of hours Sunday, but we now have a fledgling hut (or, as we call it, the "Fluffly Butt Hut". :lol:)
Total out-of-pocket expense: $60.

fledgling hut back

fledgling hut front

fledgling hut side

I have more than enough pallets left to build a goose hut - I need to get more skirting first. For now the goslings will live with the chicks.

Last week, Zoe lost her kids......5 weeks early. I've been trying to bring in her milk, but it's just not working. :sigh: Hopefully the other does will carry to term - we need the milk!

It hasn't all been work, though - I've been knitting as well. I already showed you the Birds of Paradise mitts, now I give you: Dreidle Socks! The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL in the color way "Dreidle"; the pattern is Cookie A's Cubist Socks.

dreidle socks

dreidle socks closeup

I then knit up a pair of mitts for Herself - another pattern by Kulabra, this one called "Frozen Songs". I dyed the yarn to Herself's specifications - Soot and Fire, are her Firebird Mitts:

firebird mitts back

firebird mitts front

I was over the pattern halfway thru the first one.....:lol:

I've started a pair of socks, but you'll have to wait for photos. Since I actually started them in April, I'll save it for the April posting. :lol:

One more photo - this one is the resident Dragon King, Iroh. Herself made him a hat......he is NOT amused:

Mad Hatter Iroh

Today is grocery day, then we have to fix the run so the chicks/goslings will be safely contained. I'll try to get photos of them outside.......
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February Round-Up

So...I've been on a knitting kick lately. And a Dyeing one, but I have no photos of the newly dyed yarn. :lol: (What? I spent all of Snowvid dyeing up yarn for socks....and a pair of mittens. It was quite productive - I think I ended up with 9 sock kits and the mittens!)

Anyway. After I finished my Windmill Socks, I pulled out a skein of self-striping yarn from Brazen Stitchery. The name is "Captain Tight Pants", which is a Firefly reference. I decided to just knit a plain vanilla pair of socks - no pattern, no thinking. :lol: The only thing I did was try to match the stripes - normally I don't, but I wanted to up my game. I think I did OK:

Striped Socks

Striped socks closeup

Striped Socks pair

I then grabbed a set of yarn I had just dyed. The purple was exactly what I had in the mind...the "green" was supposed to be "wheat". It when held up to the purple put me in mind of grapevines. was a match!

This is Piccolo Mondo Antico. The pattern was relatively easy, but non-repetitive. I was pretty much over it before I finished sock #1; sock #2 was a bit of a slog.

Piccolo Mondo Socks

Piccolo Mondo Socks Closeup

The closeup shows the colors really well, I think.

I finished these on March 1, so not quite within my February goal. Oh, well! :lol:

Then I grabbed the mitten kit - 3 colors of Cash-Merino yarn. In less than a week, I had these:

Birds of Paradise Mittens


They're my first attempt at Norwegian/Latvian mittens. The pattern was pretty easy - the charts were a bit much to keep up with, but not too bad. The pattern is "Birds of Paradise" by Kulabra Designs - I have a LOT of her patterns, and now I REALLY need to knit them up! :lol:(Some of the yarn I dyed is for more of her designs). I started them on 1.5s, but when I hit 75% o the first mitten I admitted it was a bit off to the frog pond I went. :shrug: I should have listened to my gut - it kept telling me it wasn't right, but I wanted to KNIT, dammit! :rofl:

Herself saw these and ordered 3 pairs. :sigh: I'll be dyeing up the yarn for them this weekend. :lol:

I'm currently working on a "plain" pair of socks - 1 yarn, but in a textured pattern. I started Monday; last night I frogged it because, while it fit, I wasn't happy with how stretched out the pattern was. I'm now back on size 1.5 dpns (I started on 1s, because 1.5s are a little loose. Oh, well. Socks are small, so it's no big deal!)

Anyway, back to it. I want to get this pair done, and get at least 1 color work sock done before the end of the month. Or maybe mittens.......:shrug: We have a bobcat problem again, though, so....we'll see. :Sigh: Sometimes I HATE country living!
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OK, so it seems people can't do their own damn google searches...

You know my last entry, about how my BS meter was going off about the TX power outages? Well, I got a comment:

"The temperatures went low enough to freeze gas/oil lines. Without gas/oil can’t produce electricity. Texas produces 80-90% of their energy from oil/gas."

I had intended to reply earlier, but every time I read the comment I rolled my eyes so hard they hurt. PLEASE, folks, don't just parrot the official lies back to me, OK? Because....

Natural Gas has a freezing point of -270 degrees F. That's 270 degrees BELOW zero. The lowest we, personally, got was -3.....which is a FAR cry from -270. (For funzies, I looked up the freezing point of oil.....-70 degrees F. Again, we didn't come CLOSE to that.)

"Oh," the commenter will say, "but but but WATER VAPOR in the lines!" Yeah, no. First off, if there is water vapor (or ANY contaminants) in the lines, the distributor should be fined and possibly shut down for quality control review. Water VAPOR has molecules that are spread apart, far enough that gas can still flow. If there is enough water to cause ice dams....well, we have more problems than just that.

Plus.....AK never has this problem. Or MI. Or ND. Or NE. Or - Freaking CANADA or RUSSIA.

Now, according to what I've been able to dig up, this was actually about "deregulation" (which isn't, really). See, in TX you can purchase your energy from a lot of companies - none of whom actually *produce* OR *deliver* the product. For example, Cirro Energy. Or Green Mountain. They purchase the energy from the "big boys" - Atmos and TXU (and probably others.) The energy is delivered to you in the SAME LINES it was delivered to you when you were with Atmos/other big boy. (What? You honestly didn't think that thru, did you? A lot of people don't - did you think Cirro was going to run a new gas/electric line to your house? No? Then.....who's actually PROVIDING you the energy?)

From what I've been able to gather, Cirro et al was/is buying electricity/gas at wholesale rates from Atmos (or maybe ERCOT itself - I can't tell if ERCOT is involved in the actual production, or just oversees it for a cut.), then turns around and sells it to the consumer for less than Atmos does to it's consumers. It looks like Cirro et al were charging around $0.02/kWh (from what some people are saying, anyway - we're on a Co-op, and all electric, so I have no dog in this fight).....until the storm hit, at which point the Public Utility Commission mandated a $9.00/kWh rate for "conservation purposes". The moment the storm lifted, the rate was dropped BACK DOWN to the $0.02/kWh.......

This has caused a lot of the "independents" to file/think about filing bankruptcy, because when you have consumers tied in to a rate of $.02, but you are being charged $ legally can't pass that on. (And, again - it's the same damn gas. If you lost power, but your across-the-street neighbor didn't, you need to ask WHY. And who they pay. Because....the gas lines are owned/managed by the SAME DAMN COMPANY. You can't have frozen gas in your line when your neighbor doesn't.........)

(An aside, I don't fully understand kWh.....I was in the Industry for 20 years. Natural gas is bought/sold by the MCF (Million Cubic Feet), not kWh, so I am lost. Prices varied, in that 20 years, from $0.90/mcf to $5.00+/mcf, for the record. I don't understand the conversion, so.....:shrug:)

Also, I was told that I never lost electricity because I have solar. Um...sure, but none of my neighbors have solar, nor does my mother, and THEY never lost power. can't be used directly from the panels, you have to have an inverter, which requires electricity to convert the solar produced power to "usable" power. It's why off-grid systems have storage batteries - to make sure the inverter can work. We aren't off-grid, we are grid-tied, because the difference in price was more than we wanted to pay.

Please, please, PLEASE people - use some common sense. If someone says the official story is setting off their BS meter, actually look into it (if you disagree) instead of just parroting back the media's spin. You can ignore the more "out there" stuff (HAARP, for example. I don't know anything about it, I don't feel like going down that rabbit hole, so I disregarded any mention of TX being HAARPed. May be true, may not - don't care. I researched the freezing point of natural gas first, then went from there. It didn't take that long, either.)
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State of the Fiberaddict...

We are OK. We never lost power, or water - our hot water heater froze Monday evening/Tuesday morning, but Herself dry-fired her kiln (to cone 5, for those that know these things) and it thawed it out. We did lose internet Sunday, and it was intermittent up to yesterday. Yes, we are Blessed, Thank G-d!

Here's the thing I don't understand......while we mostly have mild winters, ice storms and sub-zero temps are not unheard of. Our grid is separate from the rest of the US (the more you know....), and it is set up to handle streaks of 100+ summer days.

So...why, then, did this shut our grid *down*???? Because......the normal excuses don't wash. Normally, the excuse for rolling black/brown outs is because the grid is stressed under more load......only.....:deep breath:

In previous cold snaps, the strain on the grid was blamed on "more people are home, drawing power"...which is BS. Ignoring the plandemic - because people have been working from home for a year, now, leaving corporate offices closed (and thereby NOT drawing excess power!) - most people don't drop their thermostats in the winter when they leave the house. So......there's NO excess power being drawn to keep their homes at a steady temp. :scratches head: (They try this excuse in the Summer, too, when we hit 100+ - I still have a problem buying that, because.......Texas. This is normal for our Summers - and, again, I don't know anyone that actually changes their thermostat drastically when they leave their homes. Pull the other one....)

Also.....the water issue. I've been told ALL MY LIFE that when cold hits, you need to keep your faucets dripping. This time? We're being told to NOT let them drip......and the water companies are shutting off water. Um. Either we need to drip water to keep the lines from freezing, or we don't. It can't be drip one year, and magically NOT drip the next. That's not how it works!

I live on a farm. We have lost the outside water line - I heard it explode Saturday evening (the pipes were empty, because we drain them year-round, just because) but it was a 19 year old PVC pipe, that is exposed. (hmmmm.... I think the husband was the last to use it - he isn't in the habit of actually draining the lines like the rest of us are. :sigh:) We're hauling water...but the buried water lines are still intact. I don't understand how city water - in underground lines - would be affected......since I assume those lines are below the frost line (about 36"), and should be stouter than my cheap PVC lines. There shouldn't be any "extra strain" on the system, because, AGAIN, people have been working from home for the past YEAR. The system should already have been adjusted.

And since the water companies turned OFF the water with very little warning, people didn't have time (or the forethought) to drain their lines......which is what I am assuming is causing the broken pipe issues I'm seeing online. And.....if our rinky-dink little water supply company can manage to keep the water on, SURELY the big city water suppliers can, as well. (I have issues with our water company, but this isn't one of them. They have kept the water flowing here, and I am very thankful for it.)

I honestly don't know what to think. I'm trying to stay away from politics or conspiracy theories, but it's kinda hard when we're having all these problems, but OK, KS, etc seem to be doing OK. It makes no sense........and my BS meter is pegged.

:sigh: It's just odd. I have no problems with the stores being under-stocked, because I wouldn't want to drive an 18-wheeler on our un-treated, icy roads. (What? This is Texas - we get, maybe, 3 ice days/year. We don't have the infrastructure for treating icy roads, at least not in the rural areas. Heat, now - heat we can deal with. Ice? Causes us to lose our ever-loving minds and hunker down at home. :lol:)

Anyway. Our little slice of land is OK. Cold, but we have acres and acres of deadwood that I have been collecting for the wood stove. The stream is iced, but running deep. The ponds...I haven't checked. Probably one is an ice ring; the other is spring-fed and should be running under the ice. I need to head out soon and try to shop for Mom - hopefully the stores have pet food and milk!
Firefly: OMG Yeah!


I finished a pair of socks...which is normal, and normally I'd wait and have a few to upload all at once, but this pair...well....

2021 la Mancha socks

2021 la Mancha socks both

Pattern is "La Mancha's Giants", I've had it in the queue since at LEAST 2015 (that's when I dyed the yarn for it), and, well - I am very very very pleased with them. Herself picked out the colors, I dyed the yarn, and then it sat until I was ready to knit them. :lol:

Pattern was relatively easy. LOVE how they knit up!

I just had to to work on my current pair (Plain vanilla, no pattern - just knitting.)