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Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness
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I am a fiber fanatic! Weaving, spinning, knitting - whatever, if it involves fiber, I like it!

I am Quite Happily Married to a (former)Marine (Semper Fi!), have 2 kids, 6 horses, and 3 big giant dogs.

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User Number: 3785203
Date Created:071204
Number of Posts: Too many to count!

A fiber-addict who has no prefrences on type of fiber, as long as it's natural and spinnable. Has been known to accost innocent people and beg them for their dog's fur. Has also been know to entice people into experimenting in the fiber arts. Mostly harmless.
Strengths: Friendly, will happily share fiber, equipement and knowledge with the unwashed masses.
Weaknesses: Indiscriminate in types of fiber - scoured, unscoured, ready to spin or straight from the sheep. Prefers scoured wool over raw, but will accept either one.
Special Skills: Intermediate and enthusiastic weaver and handspinner, and advanced beginning knitter and tatter. Some kumihimo.
Weapons: Four pitch wool combs, AA Celtic spindle. Wields a mean boat shuttle.
Pet Peeves: Newbies who expect free lessons and supplies as a matter of fact, people who whine about everything. Also detests know-it-alls who don't.

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